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August 2, 2007

Season Tickets will be shipped the Week of Aug. 10th


They aren't shipping the road games or single game home tickets until the week of August 20th. See below.

Per an email from UGA:
The 2007 football season is rapidly approaching, and the anticipation of another successful year continues to build. Season tickets are scheduled to be shipped the week of August 10th. We would, however, like to make you aware of a revision to the originally scheduled single home and out-of-town shipment date of August 10th.

The University of Georgia Athletic Association Ticket Office is awaiting delivery of ticket allotments from two institutions before fulfillment of all orders is reached. The traditional mail date will be delayed until the week of August 20 in order to include these tickets with the single game ticket shipment. We appreciate your patience, and thanks for supporting the Dawgs.
Don't have tickets???
If you need tickets for any UGA home game or if you have extras to sell, our affiliate can help you connect with other folks who are buying/selling. You can also buy and sell road game tickets such as:StubHub is ideal for people who want premium tickets in hand before the game starts, and who will pay for the convenience of having them in advance (not dealing with scalpers or risking travel plans). It's also ideal for people who have extras and want to unload them. It's ideally suited for those who believe "There is no such thing as a sellout."

The shipping transaction is guaranteed. is not ideal for people who believe that all tickets should be swapped between fans at face value or less. If that's the way you feel, great. If not and you need or have extras, give our Stubhub affiliate a look.



JasonC said...

Looking for tix to WCU game, but I am not going to pay $90 that I saw on a website. If you are selling, I for a reasonable price, I am interested.

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