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September 17, 2007

ESPN College Gameday in Tuscaloosa? says ESPN College Gameday will be in Tuscaloosa on Saturday. I haven't seen confirmation yet, but I imagine they'll be there. It's the second best overall game of the day in terms of match-ups (#22 at #16), and it's the highest rated game on the ESPN/ABC family of networks. If I were the producer of the show, I'd be in Tuscaloosa.

If someone has confirmation, please post a link in the comments section.

Update: Confirmed. (Thanks)

Pre-season, I thought they would be in Michigan for the UM vs. PSU game. Obviously, that game has lost some sex appeal. My Gameday Predictions are now 2-2.



Anonymous said...

per ajc

Anonymous said...

Quinton McDawg said...

Per Tuscaloosa News, Ron Franklin is calling the game:
Uncle Ron

Surely this is a typo, but God would it be glorious. The article also states that Bama is 0-3 with Gameday on campus.

The 31st Floor said...

Does anyone know what the UGA sections are at Bryant Denny?


Anonymous said...

Visitor sections:
Lower Level - KK, LL, and NN
Upper Level - AA, BB, PP, QQ, RR
North Deck - 417-429

Anonymous said...

It was LOUD LOUD LOUD in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, hope our boys are ready for it.

PWD and Q-Dawg....will you be dinning at the original Dreamland?

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of other places to eat besides Dreamland, if you ever feel like searching for something else.

Archibald's also has some very good BBQ, but it is a little hard to find if you're new to the area.

Some of the areas in downtown Northport are good as well.

Anonymous said...

Let's make sure that we don't bring any Cherrishinskies over to T-Town to mimic the Bama Bombs.

Cherries soaked in grain alcohol are always welcomed, but we need a new name for them.

How does "Knowshon Moreshinos" sound?

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