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October 2, 2007

GSB Sponsor Site: OneStopFanShop

A few weeks ago, OneStopFanShop came on board as a local sponsor out of Buford, Georgia for the Georgia Sports Blog. They've got an interesting collection of merchandise from the obvious items like T-Shirts to lots of harder to find items.

For a limited time OneStopFanShop will give our members free shipping on their entire order placed within there site at Promo Code: GaBlog

Sample Items Include:Check them out some time. Their advertisement is over on the right.



Anonymous said...

free shipping on their entire order

hate to be that guy. sorry.

Anonymous said...


If you want to critique spelling, grammer, punctuation, word tense, etc. then go volunteer at a local high school or community college. Nobody wants to read your critiques on a sports blog. Not to mention that the guys writing on this blog are giving good info and they don't need some language lesson on there/their.

Anonymous said...

I'm so lucky to have Evan M. O'Dorney reading my blog.

Anonymous said...

anonymous-> Are you really that mad/defensive? Settle down turbo.

PWD-> Evan M. O'Dorney won the grammar bee?

Anonymous said...

He won the spelling bee.

I was just amusing myself.

Anonymous said...

as was I... the correction was done in a joking manner. Having read your blog for 3-4ish years now, I figured you wouldn't really mind.

Anonymous said...

didn't bother me.

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