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October 29, 2007

SEC Power Poll Ballot

Every week this ballot gets harder and harder. So, LSU crushes Mississippi State, who beats Auburn, who beats Florida, who crushed Tennessee, who crushed Georgia, who beat Alabama, who crushed Tennessee, who beat South Carolina, who beat Kentucky, who beat LSU. The conference is exciting, but volatile.
  1. LSU - The Tigers are still the class of the conference. Now they head to Tuscaloosa for the most anticipated game of the season. The Tigers will likely be without their back up QB, Ryan Perriloux, as he ran into some, uh, trouble in afterhours Baton Rouge.
  2. Auburn - Tubs always starts slow and finishes hard. The Aubs aren't an offensive powerhouse, they only scored 17 against Ole Miss, but they have a defense that should keep them in every game they have left.
  3. Georgia - Who was that coaching the Dawgs? Whoever he was, he squeezed the best game of the year out of the Dawgs, who now have an outside shot at Atlanta.
  4. Alabama - Can Nick Saban pull this off? He's had two weeks to prepare for a signature win. Bama isn't as talented as LSU, but this is a game Bama can win, but John Parker Wilson must stand tall in the face of what will be relentless pressure from LSU's D-line.
  5. Tennessee - Fulmer keeps redeeming himself after embarrassments. Like Georgia, the Vols are capable of winning their last three and heading to Atlanta with the tiebreaker. But, also like Georgia, they are probably not consistent enough to win out.
  6. Florida - Got ambushed in a game they normally dominate. Tebow wasn't himself, but Timmy didn't give up 42. Their defensive problems continue. The Gators need to get well this weekend (not likely) and unleash Timmy on Shiny Pants.
  7. South Carolina - The Cocks looked like they were in for a UGA-style stomping in Knoxville, but woke up and climbed back in the game. If not for a well timed false start, Shiny Pants could have pulled another improbable win.
  8. Kentucky - The Cats haven't been the same since the LSU game. They look like their old self, capable of scoring, but unable to stop anybody.
  9. Arkansas - Ate a cupcake. DMac only gets 61 yards, but 4 TDs. This weeks game against the Cocks should match the excitement of the Auburn game, meaning as fun as watching two cinder blocks thrown at each other repeatedly until they turn to powder.
  10. Mississippi State - Don't look now but State is making plans to party in the blinking and cacophonous casinos of Shreveport or Memphis in December. Yeah, Mississippi State.
  11. Vanderbilt - Vandy only plays tight games. This must make Vandy fans both unsatisfied in victory and demoralized in defeat. But hey, you've got that SAT score going for you.
  12. Ole Miss - Do I really have to explain this one? It's only going to get worse after the Oge suspended his best defender.


Anonymous said...

wow, 3 a little high considering it was just a week ago we barely beat vandy? i think we played our hearts out but 3rd best in conference is a little far-fetched right now!

JasonC said...


I agree, but like Quinton alluded to, 2-8 are all pretty interchangeable depending on who won last week. Who do you put ahead of us?
South Carolina, Kentucky, Tenn & Florida all have 3 losses and we beat Bama.

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