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October 18, 2007

What to do During the Off Week


We are in the midst of the off week, where players heal and recover from the grind of the season while fans take a brief moment to exhale. Some of you may be wondering what you should do Saturday since you are not loading up the car to go to Athens. I have a few suggestions, but they depend on your outlook on the Dawgs, as an optimist or a pessimist.

The Optimist: Wake up Saturday and raise the Georgia flag. Take the kids fishing. Come home to watch Gameday and wait for a positive reference to the Dawgs. Watch Bama and the coon dogs. Root for Bama because UT needs more losses for the Dawgs to go to Atlanta. Order Gator sausage for the tailgate in Jacksonville. Watch UK and the Gators cheering for a physical, quadruple overtime game that the Gators barely pull out. Make reservations for Tampa on New Year's Day. Remember that Tebow had his worst game last year against us. Dust off last year's Auburn tape and remind yourself that the Dawgs are capable of anything, including beating the mighty Gators. Thank the Lord that Mark Richt is our coach.

The Pessimist: Wake up angry because the Dawgs aren't going to win today, but relieved that they will not lose either. Avoid Gameday because those guys are just going to disrespect us and add to the endless hype surrounding Tebow. Remind your friends that Tebow's tears cannot, in fact, cure anything as proven by the fact that Tiger Stadium does not now have a permanent rainbow sprouting from its field after it was showered by Tebow. Start drinking. Watch Bama and the coon dogs praying that Erik Ainge breaks both pinkies and Wallace Gilberry has to send him flowers after the game. Keep drinking. Watch the Florida game indifferent to its outcome, hoping only that Tebow is injured. Drink when he isn't. Dust off the Tennessee game tape to count the missed tackles. Drink. Watch the Vandy tape. Begin crying when someone mentions Percy Harvin just as Vandy scores a touchdown on a reverse. Drink. Curse yourself for following a team with Willie Martinez as a defensive coordinator. Sneak down to your Gator neighbor's house to poison his dog. Dodge various Camero parts and flip flops thrown by Gator fan to scare you away. Attempt to catch the debris thrown your way and when you can't, say "Hey, I'm Tripp Chandler." Return home. Kiss your framed picture of Brian VanGorder. Pass out. Awake from nightmares caused by the following image:
(image: Mr2Cents)



JasonC said...

Another thing for the optimists:
Feel relieved that this UGA team probably isn't going to make the top 5 this year, because we would undoubtedly be one of the teams that gets upset this year.
Gosh, now that I think about it, that may actually be filed in the pessimists category.

Anonymous said...

i think im the pessimist in some ways. love the tripp chandler part and the tebow picture! lol

Anonymous said...

I hope thoses are not your toeses in the top picture.

Quinton McDawg said...

They're the wife's.

Anonymous said...

I’m confused. While I think like an optimist, I drink like a pessimist. Is there a third option for “drunken optimist”?

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be an upset if anyone, including Troy, beat this bunch of Dawgs.

My hangover may last until Monday.

Anonymous said...

you are a sick person ,wishing injury on people. you dawg fans are jealous of tebow.

Anonymous said...

Tebow is so much beter than, I believe your Qb is Swafford!! GO GATOR'S. Just remenber they are the national champs as we speak. When were the Dawgs a national champ? I just can't remember

Unknown said...

Looks like we may be able to sit back and watch the rest of the SEC East put Georgia back in charge of their own destiny.

Unknown said...

The great thing about the whole gators wear jean shorts meme is that, no matter how many times it's trotted out, it just keeps getting funnier. No, seriously.

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