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November 5, 2007

SEC Power Poll Ballot

  1. LSU - Go ahead and give LSU the national title because the football Gods have. They continue to play error prone, penalty riddled, sloppy football, but it doesn't matter. Talent overcomes all. They've proven a title is their fate and they can't do anything to avoid it, no matter how outlandish.
  2. Auburn - Ate a cupcake. Auburn's defense is fierce, leading the conference in scoring defense. Knowshon has his work cut out for him this weekend facing that Auburn front with an inexperienced, albeit improving, offensive line.
  3. Georgia - Ate a cupcake with a razor blade cooked into it. The Dawgs D had trouble stopping Omar Haugabook as he ran an offense that is the love child of Hal Mumme's Kentucky dink and dunk and Urban Meyer's spread option. They face the Aubs this weekend in what will be a streetbrawl in Athens.
  4. Florida - The fighting Tebows looked like they were back to normal after the beating in Jacksonville. The Gators still have a decent shot at Atlanta and a rematch with LSU.
  5. Tennessee - Ate a ragin' Cajun-spiced cupcake. John Chavis should be crying himself to sleep this week after the DMac and Felix Jones show Saturday night.
  6. Alabama - Just would not take a game LSU tried and tried to give them. Despite their shortcomings, Saban has done a good job with the players at hand. Watch out for Mississippi State.
  7. Arkansas - Wow. Wow. Wow. When DMac is on, he is absolutely breathtaking. One of the mildly sad things about Arkansas is that DMac continues to overshadow great performances by Felix Jones. The Hawgs need a big win on the road and Knoxville looks far more promising than Baton Rouge.
  8. Kentucky - The off week came at a good time for the Cats, but they are still hurting after two losses.
  9. South Carolina - What has happened to the Cocks? They keep sliding and sliding. Three straight losses heading into Florida week. Shiny Pants will pull out all the stops, but will it be enough to stop the Gators?
  10. Mississippi State - State has had two weeks to get ready for what has to be a tired Bama team. Can Saban go from almost pulling the big upset to getting beat by Croom? Bama better be ready to play the same type of physical football they played Saturday or State will pop them.
  11. Vanderbilt - Got plowed by the jean shorts. They need another win to get bowl eligible and this weekend's game against the Cats is a prime opportunity.
  12. Ole Miss - The Oge beat his alma mater, a terrible I-AA program, by a touchdown. Get two weeks to prep for LSU's visit to Oxford.


Anonymous said...

Why is UT above Alabama? How bad should Alabama have blown out the Vols before you would perceive them to be the better team? Seriously, give me a number - 24 apparently wasn't enough.

Anonymous said...

The same argument could be made for UGA being above Tenn. Not to detract from the big win against UF, but we allowed Troy to hang 34 on us, we needed a field goal as time expired to beat Vandy, and the weekend before that Tenn. handed us our a$$es in Knoxville.

Anonymous said...

Troy hung 34 by getting some really nice gifts and calling three timeouts to score a meaningless TD in the final seconds.
BTW, the Troy boys looked like those little meerkat things when they all stood up and turned to the sidelines to get the play.
I laughed everytime they did it..of course I was drinking.

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