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December 12, 2007

Build your own Personal UGA FanBook (new sponsor)

The Georgia Sports Blog is proud to welcome a new sponsor.

Thanks to JumpTV Sports and SharedBook, it is now possible to create your own personalized Georgia FanBook! To make a book, just click on the "NEW: Your Personalized Georgia FanBook" advertisement to the right and select the content that you want to include in your FanBook such as news articles, player profiles and professional photographs.

The team roster automatically flows into each book as well as a schedule complete with results. Then, it's up to you. You can purchase the FanBook as is. Or customize it further. You can add your own stories and photographs from the season and invite your friends and family into your personal book making space to contribute their own thoughts and photos too. Anyone invited into the space can also make their own book.

Pricing begins at $39.95 in softcover and $44.95 in hardcover. Completed books arrive in 10-14 days with free domestic shipping. Express shipping options are available for an additional fee. To see a sample FanBook, go to



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