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December 2, 2007

Guess what's falling from the sky??

We're headed to the Crescent City for the best bowl game in America! Sure, we were not given a fair shake. Sure, the incessant lobbying of the worldwide leader last night swung the votes to LSU and allowed them to jump over us. Sure, it would be more fun to play USC than Hawaii (we were with Carl pulling for Hawaii to play the chocolate unicorns elves in the fruity candyass bowl in nevah nevah land). Sure, if we were Notre Dame no one would have been bitching about our two losses and debating our worthiness.

You know what? Any season that ends in the Sugar Bowl is a GREAT SEASON. There is no bowl game I'd rather go to than the Sugar Bowl (provided it is held in its rightful home in New Orleans, unlike the 2006 Splenda Bowl).

Paul Westerdawg, Roy Orbison Dawg, Iron Chef Turducken, Blackberry Bandit of Tift County, Liquid Courage, Cal Ripken Dawg and I were driving home from the humiliating loss in Knoxville when we stopped to eat at the Steak'n'Shake in Athens, Tennessee. I made the following observation: "There isn't a team on our schedule that isn't good enough to beat us. We might not win another game this season." It is a long, long way from Athens, Tennessee to New Orleans, Louisiana.


AJC has the story. Final BCS standings are here.


farris said...

Udder silliness man. I think the most egregious thing was Oklahoma jumping you all. Check that. The most egregious thing was Herbie talking about how Georgia doesn't belong based on the fact that they didn't win their conference. The same Herbie who said Michigan deserved a second crack at Ohio State last year after not winning their conference.

Please. Please beat the pants off of Hawai'i

Anonymous said...

The Hawaii warriors won't leave New Orleans in one piece.

Anonymous said...

Well guys all I have to say is that if you had told me 6 weeks ago we would be going to the Sugar Bowl - I would have said no way.

We need to get ready to play so that all the naysayers do not really give us a hard time after the game.

Hawaii is ranked 3 in offense and 33 in defense.

Look at it this way folks..we are playing the only undefeated in the nation.

Lets rally around our guys and let them know how proud of them we are for what they have accomplished.

Win loose are draw Dawg fans should be there to scream from the roof tops.

Oh and by the way CMR just said they will be wearing the Black jerseys and have another black out but this time in the dome.


S.A.W.B. said...

I am now officially rooting for Les Miles to choke on his hat, or develop a severe allergy to crystal footballs...

I wish GTU and SC would have ended up together in Boise, so that all involved could freeze to death. They deserve each other. Congrats, Steve, you couldn't even get a ticket to Boise.

I'll now be grudge-betting several games, notably, UGA to pound Hawaii, West Virginia to skin Oklahoma, USC to get torched by the Flying Zooks of Champaign, and Manginoclaus to eat whatever it is a Hokie tastes like.

As a side note, after hearing Colt Brennan speak, I'm placing the O/U on his Wunderlic at about 6...


Anonymous said...

Aloha from Hawaii! Finally, we get to play a highly ranked team. Every other one we tried to play always went running. Maybe it's because they realized beating us wouldn't give them much credibility, but losing to us would offer not only tons of humiliation but a stark realization that they really weren't worthy of that BCS championship after all. You guys must be terrified. Alright, see you in January! Love the peaches, by the way.

blackertai said...

Terrified isn't the right word. Disgusted is. We're tired of being the team that gets to do the shitty work for the BCS. We trashed Boise St. in 2005. We got shafted with West Virginia in 2005 as well! And now we're playing in a huge trap game against the Rainbow Warriors. I can't even believe I just typed that.

The Other Jeff Lebowski said...

The real sham in the BCS is the Rose Bowl. How do you pick a three-loss team and stupid tradition, where you basically set up USC as 21+ point favorites, over several two-loss teams, including Georgia who has, according to media types, played some of the best football of any of the at-large possibilities?

The Rose Bowl should have matched up USC and Georgia to have the two best conferences play on what is arguably the biggest stage? Remember Michigan-Texas or USC-Michigan in the last few years? Illinois-USC will be nothing like those. It will be a gigantic snooze fest, and ABC, who is paying through the nose to air this game, will likely have ratings on par with the Independence Bowl.

The Presidents and AD's should get together and setup an 8-team playoff and completely exclude the Rose Bowl from participating. Then, you can allow the Pac 10 champion and the Big 10 champion choose whether they want to play in the Rose Bowl and hold a circle jerk around their silly tradition, or play for the national title with the big boys. Then, the granddaddy can have their pick of all the 3-loss teams in what should be "the granddaddy who has subsequently lost his mind to alzheimer's and been relegated to the nursing home."

Anonymous said...

This should serve as a lesson to our young players...

"Every SEC game counts."

The loss to south carolina ultimately led to our downfall.

The other lesson is...

"Don't put yourself in a situation where you need help from weaker teams (i.e. USC, Kentucky, Vandy)."

I guess if we had gone to the SEC championship and beaten LSU, we'd have a real case for the MNC.


Think about it...if we had won the SEC championship and been ranked around 6th or 7th, but had to watch a 4th ranked Florida (or any team that didn't win their conference get picked for the MNC, we would be going out of our minds.

I don't have a problem with the SEC champ going to the MNC over us.

What pissed me off was that everybody at ESPN talked all week about how Georgia would be in the MNC if Misouri and West Virginia somehow lost. soon as it happened, ESPN was like a kicked ant bed. They dropped to their knees and basicly begged for LSU to jump ahead of UGA.

We need to go take care of business in NOLA. The natty is gone. It's time to start getting ready for next year. A beating of Hawaii will help us along.


Anonymous said...

dawg19--exactly. One could make a decent case that LSU (and maybe Oklahoma) had a better season than us. But all this ESPN lobbying and voters switching their minds now is what has me ticked.

Just gotta keep remembering that, a couple of months ago, we were about to lose to Vandy for the second year in a row. Things sure have changed since then.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are missing the point on how we were chosen/not chosen by the rose and sugar bowls. In order for the Rose to select us they had to have permission from the sugar bowl because the SEC winner is tied to the sugar and they lost it when LSU was #2. Whether or not the Rose even asked permission is debatable, but the fact still remains. It's possible the sugar bowl didn't allow us to go to pasadena.

Trey said...

Anon 10:32-

They don't have to ask permission.

Since Ohio State was #1 in the BCS, the bowl that lost them as their natural tie-in gets the first at-large selection to replace them.

Hence, the Rose Bowl had the first pick, and picked Illinois. The Sugar Bowl lost their natural tie-in, and had the second pick, and chose Georgia. Then, it goes back to the pre-arranged pecking order, which this year I believe was Orange, Fiesta, Sugar.

Trey said...

Anon 10:32-

I take it back.

Here it says this:

[4]C. When two bowls lose host teams, then the bowl losing the number one team may not select a replacement team from the same Conference as the number two team, unless the bowl losing the number two team consents."

So, uh, yeah. I take it all back. My bad.

And, I guess I can't fault the Sugar Bowl for at least wanting Georgia considering they were going to be saddled with Hawai'i.

Anonymous said...

There are rumors that there is an internet video of LSU's AD watching the UT-UK game and cheering extatically at the thought of getting to play the sloppy vols rather than the obviously superior Dawgs. I completely believe it -its the same concept as what Herbie did they both realize UGA is amazing right now and neither of them want to play us- LSU celebrates UGA not playing in the SECC and herbie who all season long is a huge UGA supporter, claiming that they are the best team in the nation along with USC until they have a shot at his precious OSU who got demolished by another amazing SEC team in UF last year. As soon as he realized the ensuing beat down, he spearheaded a nationwide smear campaign on us. I really regarded him highly until this weekend.

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