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March 16, 2008

About the New Header Graphic

Prior to the SEC Tournament, things were pointing to a quick exit. Georgia had lost 11 of its final 13 regular season games, and the coach was in deep trouble. That's why I said one week ago, "If the Dawgs were to advance to Saturday [in the SEC Tourney], then monkeys would fly out of my ass."

Well, I now have a house full of monkeys.

Rather than get myself in trouble with PETA or the Evil Witch of the West, I decided to put the monkeys to work. They have spent the past 24 hours learning English, Typing Skills, Photoshop and HTML. The result is this new header graphic in salute of Coach Felton and the 2008 SEC Tournament Champion Georgia Bulldogs.

The graphic was their idea. I just came in from the game, and it was already up.

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Anonymous said...

any way to get a montage of scott howards calls this past weekend, or will they replay the championship game anytime soon?

Fox said...

I have just referenced your blog on my blog twice over the weekend. I have followed the Dawgs over the weekend and have never been so inspired.

Watson said...

YES MORE SCOTT HOWARD!!! ESPN was all over him in their montages.

And to bring this back up from an earlier post: Why does the basketball team have a different logo than the regular oval G? The women's basketball team have that lowercase g logo so it seems as if the basketball teams are just different like that.

Anonymous said...

Give those chimps a pay raise and contract extention, too!

Anonymous said...

I know, my ass hurts, too. I think I passed an orangatan or something like that.

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