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March 14, 2008

Great win for hoop dawgs last night

I'm wiped out this morning. It took forever for me to get home from the Dome last night. Very little posting today due to real job and late start.

See for game recaps.

If you can make the game tonight, do. Because it is winnable. God Bless David Bliss and Corey Butler because that ending was ridiculously fun.

Dean Legge of DawgPost interviews big Dave after his game winner.



Anonymous said...

"Attention all monkeys: all monkeys please make your way toward the exit and prepare for departure."

Darth Scooter said...

Man I don't know who does the SEC basketball TV deal, but they need to fired. I looked everywhere for the SEC tournament last night and could only find it listed on a channel I don't get. The fox sports channels all said it was blacked out or unavailalbe. Meanwhile flipping through the channels ESPN has the Big East, ACC, and some of the Big 10. The Pac 10 is on Fox Sports. Heck I even saw some of the smaller conferences games on.

Anonymous said...

+1 for Ruteger.
+10 for Dave Bliss
+137 for the monkeys.

S.A.W.B. said...

this morning's post could have been vastly, vastly different. I'm still incredulous on the two 3-free-throw fouls, but, i'll take the win.

Anonymous said...

What a great game, but I wish there were more Georgia fans at the dome. My buddy and I got in free off the stub of some exiting Bama fans. Might give that method a go again tonight.

Anonymous said...

Kinda' surprised Bliss didn't have Dean in a choke hold. Dean, as aome know, called for Felton's head about a month ago.
Also had no idea that Dean goes what 6'5 or so. He was almost there with Dave.

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