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March 14, 2008

In Case You Missed It: Bliss!

It was an exciting game last night, but dear Lord did we try to blow it. I don't recall ever seeing a three point shooter fouled both at the end of regulation and at the end of overtime by the team that went on to win the game. Those two Ole Miss guys were clutch too, nailing all six free throws. Three of them sent it to OT and the other three almost sent it to double OT.

The best thing about the game was the ending of course, but we shot the ball consistently well all night. Giving up the big run has been a weakness all year and the Rebs went on a big one in the second half. But, unlike many times this year, the Dawgs stayed calm and tried to hit a few shots while the Rebels charged.

Everything leading up to the last shot was like an infant swimming: awkward and potentially deadly. That last shot made up for it. For those of you who value a good night's sleep over supporting Dennis Felton, here are the highlights from ESPN.



C. Paul said...

To quote the Sports Guy: "I threw up in my mouth" when we fouled their shooter each time.

Still, very nice victory and I liked the adjustments we made to start the game - getting AJ & TW involved.

We can beat UCK - whether we will - that's another story.

Anonymous said...

"But, unlike many times this year, the Dawgs stayed calm and tried to hit a few shots while the Rebels charged."

And Dennis Felton called a timeout to try and do something too. That was also unlike many times this year, or ever as the man himself said a few weeks ago. Nice to see Dennis is learning.

Anonymous said...

I have an overwhelming fear that last night's win may be like Ray Goff's annual victory over Gtu.

Our fanbase is so gleeful over the win that they fail to realize just how poorly coached we are. Hopefully Damon threw his laptop, just as I did, when we fouled the shooter the first time.

I hope that when it happened the second time that it solidified his decision to let CDF go on his way.

Watson said...

As Bill Raftery would have said, "With a kiss off the glass!"

Anonymous said...

Mark my words: We will not lose another game this season.

Team of destiny- your 2008 NCAA National Basketball Champion Bulldogs!

Quinton McDawg said...

I will mark your words, anonymous internet poster.

Anonymous said...

mr. egger, I also couldn't believe CDF actually called a timeout to stop a run. What an amazing concept.
I couldn't believe how clutch are guys were on the line as well. Gaines probably went something like 8-11 from the line and Billy couldn't miss. Great game. But for gosh sakes, why not foul right when they touch the ball and put them on the line shooting 2?

blackertai said...

Good for Gaines and Bliss. If anybody deserved a little more time playing, it's those two. I think we can all be happy that two DGD's are getting to enjoy their last shot as Dawgs.

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