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March 28, 2008

Reminder: Ticket Order Deadline is Monday

Renewable season ticket orders are due March 31. If you haven't gotten you application in yet, you've got the weekend to get it done. I spoke with the ticket office recently and came to a couple of fairly obvious conclusions:

1. This isn't the year to try to move into better seats. Only one-half of one percent (.5%) of season ticket holders gave up their seats this year. This means there's no where to move to, even if you upped your contribution.

2. We are bringing a horde of folks to Tempe, Arizona. The ticket office has already sold their allotment of tickets for the Arizona State game. That's with, I would guess, a significant percentage of season ticket holders yet to place their orders. We did get a small number of lower level tickets, but all have already been taken by donors with scores of over 100,000 points. Only upper level seats remain.

CLARIFICATION: The fact that Georgia already sold it allotment does not mean that you can't get tickets. If your score is higher than someone else who requested tickets, you come first. The fact that the ticket office already has enough buyers to sell out their allotment, however, is a sign that there is going to be high demand.

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean that if you are a first time donor ($4000 donation), you did not get tickets? That sucks if so.

Unknown said...

Anon -> If you dropped $4,000, I like your chances of getting in with a one time gift.

Call the ticket office and ask. If you lead with Sugar and Sweet Kisses, they can actually be really helpful one on one.


Unknown said...

You better post of some good eateries out there too, cause THE BIG DAWG IS GONNA EAT!!!

Anonymous said...

I assume that demand from ASU fans will be a little higher going into this season than last. However, this may still be an option for those who do not get tix through UGA.

It is group tickets through ASU, and it looks like you can get them for single games for really cheap per-game prices, dependent on group size.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a quick primer on how the season ticket lottery works at UGA?

Andrew said...

What about tickets for students?

The 31st Floor said...

Anyone want to get together and open one of the "group ticket portals".

Unknown said...

RE: eateries.

Kanu at the DodgyAtBest Blog and I are both working on some info here. I've gotten in touch with a local travel agent out there who is going to try and give me some info.

I've also posted a quick link above to ASU fan recommendations.

Unknown said...

RE: Student Tickets

-- There's no such thing as Student Tickets for road games. They cost the same as what Adult Tickets cost. There is usually a lottery of some variety that *I think* upperclassmen students are eligible for. That gives them the right to buy the tickets.

You should call the UGA ticket office sometime after G-Day to ask. They will be swamped with Season Ticket Renewal forms and G-Day stuff before then. So they may not have much info on ASU student tickets.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Paul you're right on student tickets but it's not just for upperclassmen.

When purchasing your home student tix you also sign up for which road tix you'd like. My guess is that everyone will get UK, most will get SCU, some will get Auburn and Jax, fewer will get LSU and ASU.

Anonymous said...

what was our ticket allotment?

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