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March 9, 2008

SEC Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket


Sunday's games matter for NCAA seeding and bragging rights, but the SEC tourney bracket is already set. Here's how things look...

SEC East
    E1. Tennessee
    E2. Kentucky
    E3. Vanderbilt
    E4. Florida
    E5. South Carolina
    E6. Georgia
SEC West
    W1. Mississippi State
    W2. Arkansas
    W3. Ole Miss
    W4. LSU
    W5. Alabama
    W6. Auburn
The schedule puts Georgia (E6) vs. Ole Miss (W3) on Thursday at 9:45 pm EST. If Georgia should win on Thursday, the team would face Kentucky at 9:45 on Friday. If the Dawgs were to advance to Saturday, then monkeys would fly out of my ass...and they would face either MSU, Bama or Florida.

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oreo said...

Not the worst of draws, really. Ole Miss will be tough, if we play hard we'll at least be a tough out. UK is playing well, but they're without Patterson. Don't think there's any chance that we'd beat Miss St if we get that's to hoping there's an upset and that Miss St loses to UF or Bama.

Felton's record in this tourney the past 5 years does not bode very well, but the man needs a deep run into the semis or final if he wants to hang around one more year. I think his players will play hard and I'm hoping we get a couple of wins for our seniors.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm rooting for the flying monkeys

Anonymous said...

I'm routing for the KY Wildcats. They have really come together in conference play. Having beat Tennessee and Vanderbilt even tho Vandy really gave us a whipping at their home, I think the Wildcats might surprise everyone, even me. If they don't win the SEC, I'm proud of Billy Gillispie and the team. They showed what they could do and I can't imagine what they might have done with Patterson and Meeks. I'm a true blue fan wishing the team the best this week! Go Cats!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I could care less...An early exit = better chance for a Felton exit. Thus, it's a win/win situation for me. Either the Dawgs win or we all win...

BulldogBry said...

I know you won't mind, but I hope you have some small monkeys!


Anonymous said...

Glenn Burns is reporting some stinkin' monkeys flyin' around Tech right now.

Unknown said...

Yeah, Ken Cook confirmed this as well...Crazy!

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