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March 9, 2008

Felton Fiddles while Athens Burns


Georgia lost to Ole Miss 76-62 in Athens. Entering Saturday's game, the Rebels were 3-36 on the road in SEC play over the past five seasons, and their last SEC road win took place on Feb. 3, 2007 at Auburn. The Rebels had posted only one SEC road win against a team other than Auburn during those five years.

Georgia led 48-41 when suddenly the wheels fell completely off the wagon. Per the AJC:
On Senior Day, the Bulldogs blew a seven-point, second-half lead by letting Ole Miss put together a 26-6 run from the 13:09 mark until only 3:46 remained. By then Georgia trailed 67-54 on the way to a 76-63 victory for the Rebels.

All the while Felton never bothered to call a timeout — there were two stoppages for media breaks — and he made limited personal changes. In that exact time span, freshman forward Jeremy Price committed five fouls, had two turnovers, scored two points and missed a free throw while the Rebels' post players scored 19 of the 26 points.

"If you'd paid any attention since I've been coaching here, I'm not one prone to calling a lot of timeouts," Felton said. "I coach by feel, and I just didn't feel it. It wasn't a momentous thing even though it sounds like it, 26 to 6. It kind of evolved over a long span of time, and it just didn't feel like a timeout was necessary. But I'm not one to jump up and call timeouts."
Well there you go. I've said that Felton's biggest problems are his wretched luck, stubbornness/lack of self-awareness, lack of offense, and inadequate recruiting. That sequence pretty much hits on all of them.

During the run, a student behind me commented..."Does he think that he can carry the timeouts with him to the SEC Tourney?"

Georgia closes the season in 11th place overall in the SEC by virtue of the tie breaker with Auburn. They finish 6th in the SEC East.

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Anonymous said...

If you want the season to end as quickly as possible, you don't call timeouts.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that quote pretty much sums it up for any who may still be on the fence, or even the rapidly dwindling minority who somehow think he "deserves" another year. I nearly spit out my coffee when I read that this morning.

Anonymous said...

Good call Paul. That sums it up pretty well. Just keep the fingers in your ears with your head up the butt, "Everything is OK. Everything is OK." How can he be so oblivious to things that are so obvious to even the least educated about basic basketball?

Anonymous said...

And as I'm sure you know, I hope that was the first of many wins patrolling the Stegeman sidelines for Andy Kennedy. Him or Anthony Grant, I honestly don't see how we can go wrong there. And maybe try and see if Jonas Hayes has any interest in becoming a grad assistant.

Anonymous said...

The good - Felton may be gone and we can move forward.
The bad - We may lose recruits
The ugly - We have to start over again
The stupid - fans that continue to support Felton
The really, really stupid - fans that defend Felton but ignore the facts/stats/record.

Anonymous said...

If Coach Felton leaves Athens and stops bringing in his own players just think how much damage it might do to the campus marijuana supply!

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