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June 23, 2008

College World Series Headlines

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Pretty much the best case scenario has unfolded for Georgia so far. We went 3-0 through the early bracket, and were able to set up the pitching perfectly through each step of the process. In the finals, we're facing the lowest seeded team in Omaha with a pitching staff that is absolutely chewed to pieces after Saturday and Sunday's games.

I asked Warren Nolan (RPI Guru) to compare the Cinderella Story of Fresno State to a basketball tournament seeded situation. As you all know, the basketball tournament seeds teams 1-16 in four brackets whereas the baseball tournament seeds them 1-4 in 16 regions/brackets. Warren's response:
Fresno State had an RPI of 91 during the selection process. They won the WAC (#12 ranked conference)* regular season title and conference tournament. I would say they would have been the last 13-seed, but I could make a case for them being the 3rd 13-seed or the 1st or 14-seed.
In basketball terms, Fresno's run is much more improbable than what George Mason or Villanova did in their legendary runs. It would be like College of Charleston or Oral Roberts making the NCAA Finals against a #2 seeded team.

We're sending our ace tonight against the Fresno State Bulldogs. The game starts at 7:00 pm on ESPN2.

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*His site shows the WAC as the #13 ranked conference. However, that's reflective of the most recent games.


Anonymous said...

Believe we are on ESPN2 tonight, with games 2 and 3 being on ESPN...that is, of course, unless they get pre-empted by bowling or funny car racing, in which case the CWS will be banished to "Classic."

Unknown said...

Yep. ESPN2. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Other than the fact that Fresno is playing well now and has beaten some solid teams along the way, what do we know about Fresno? Are they a speed/contact team with good pitching or more a power team?

Holla said...

they're beating the cover off the ball lately. That's what we need to worry about I think.

Anonymous said...

Comparing Fresno to Mason or Villanova in an entirely different sport, with entirely different playoff structures, is laughable.

Anonymous said...

We in Fresno can't understand why we are where we are. Statistically Georgia is better, but so was everybody else we have played. They are a thinking team of ball player's that's their only gift...and some unthinkable calls from some umpire's...those were some gifts we at FSU accept but...hmmmm, and thank you.

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