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June 17, 2008

Just Enough


After last night's 4-3 triumph, the Diamond Dawgs are three wins from the national championship. Take a deep breath and repeat. The Diamond Dawgs are three wins from the national championship.

It wasn't without some bitten fingernails. Stanford battled their guts out and looked like they had the game until the Dawgs finally got a clutch hit from Matt Cerione in the 7th.

To begin with, Stanford's superstar, Jason Castro, looked like he could have started for the Yankees. He hit a ball off Nick Montgomery that landed in Iowa. Then Castro was cutting down our baserunners like they were little kids trying to steal on Benito Santiago. Peisel and Thoms looked like they broke from first running barefoot in molasses and Castro threw them out by six feet.

Nick Montgomery, other than two balls that got crushed in the 3rd, pitched well. Stanford starter Jeffrey Inman just pitched better, stranding Dawgs at every turn. Even when Stanford got in serious trouble in the 6th, Austin Yount won an epic AB by striking out Lyle Allen and got Thoms to line out, both with the bases loaded. But the game turned in the bottom of the 7th. Yount seemed sure to escape another jam after Massanari missed a home run by two centimeters in front of the right field fair pole. Then Matt Cerione got the key hit to center with the bases loaded, scoring two and putting the Dogs up 4-3. It was the only time that Stanford looked rattled and the Dawgs looked excited. The game ball goes to the bullpen. Stephen Dodson, Alex McRee, and Joshua Fields looked great in relief. Fields was a tad wild, but he got it done, again. The 'pen gave up one hit over seven innings.

So now we get to relax for a few days. Enjoy it Dawgs. Go eat a steak. Go to the zoo. Learn all the lyrics to O.A.R.'s "This Town." Discuss if it holds a candle to Todd Thibaud's "Back Home in Omaha." (It doesn't, but ESPN will still play it at every commercial break.) The Dawgs will play the winner of the Miami vs. Stanford game Friday.

Two other notes. The more shots of Lauren Massanari, the better. I know only two things about hot girls: they love guys who can play guitar and they love baseball players. If I have a son, I'm putting a guitar and a baseball glove in his crib. He'll thank me when he's in college. Speaking of hot girls, can we go ahead and sign Stephen Dodson and Katie Heenan's kids to a letter of intent preemptively? I don't care what sport they play, just sign them in utero.



Hobnail_Boot said...

Another incredibly gutsy performance. The Dawgs left it all out there and yet again it was just enough.

I'm not gonna get anything done this week.

Unknown said...


Do we pull for Miami or Stanford? I'm thinking Stanford, but they both look fierce.


DawgWood said...

Just amazing! After what I thought was a botched home run call, Cerione comes through with two more RBI's. It's great to be a Georgia Bulldog right now!

Can't wait til Friday.

Anonymous said...

Miami would likely come back with Hernandez on Friday, but it might have to go to its No. 3 starter on Saturday. No. 2 guy was knocked out in the second inning today when he took a ball on the arm. They brought the No. 3 guy in to take his place.

Coach said the No. 2 might be ready Wednesday. If he throws that game, he won't throw Saturday.

Of course, the No. 3 guy is 9-1. So maybe we should just pull for Stanford. Especially since I'd just as soon get it done on Friday (even though it's Georgia, and there's no way they'll do it the easy way). It's gonna be awfully hard to beat the best pitcher in the country twice in five days.

Anonymous said...

PWD - I'm in agreement. Something tells me that "The U" will be looking a bit more to avenge their previous misgivings on the field against us. Based off of these two games I'm actually inclined to think Stanford has the better team, albeit not by much. That having been said I'd still prefer to face the boys from California again.

Hobnail_Boot said...


Just like 1990 and Mike Mussina?

I'm not saying, but I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

when is the game Friday? Banner Herald says 7pm but the NCAA website says 2pm

Unknown said...

"I know only two things about hot girls: they love guys who can play guitar and they love baseball players."

And bloggers. They love bloggers.


Hello. Is this thing on.


Where'd the girls go?

Anonymous said...

The friday game is 2PM Eastern.

If Georgia wins Friday, they advance to the Championship game. If not, then they have to win Saturday.

C. Paul said...

Hobnail Boot-

Exactly what I was thinking about Stanford.

It's 1990 all over again.....

Go Dawgs!!

Anonymous said...

We didn't beat Miami's best pitcher. He would have gotten the win, but their closer blew it and took the loss.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of who we play Friday theat team will be in a must-win situation and will throw everything they have at us to win, since a loss will eliminate them. However, Stanford would probably be the better game for us as their bullpen does not look as deep as Miami's

Anonymous said...

OMG! ESPN let me watch the whole game. That was awesome....much better than watching the Braves mediocre performance. What a hell of a lead in to the football season.

BTW, how did Erin Andrews get her job? It was not through her "reporting" skills.

Anonymous said...

The girl sitting next to Massanari's wife was extremely hot also.

Hunker Down said...

C. Paul,

I think Hobnail was referring to beating the bist pitcher in the country twice in 1990. Coincidence that he pitched for Stanford. Although Anon 7:52 makes a key point that we didn't beat Hernandez. But we won the game in which he started.

I would rather see Stanford again, but I expect Miami. We just need to hope that it goes many many extra innings and they both have to use every pitcher they have. That would be good.


JasonC said...


I think there are 2 girls who love bloggers and one of them is Holly. I can't remember the other girl's name. And I think more bloggers love Holly than Holly loves them.


Without going back to check the pitcher of record when Miami got the 4th run, I can't say if their best pitcher would have won. Despite that, the Dogs kept up with the Canes for most of the game and put themselves in a position to win when the U imploded.


Erin was also looking a little rough last night. She needed to do something else with her hair including visiting her colorist.

And the Braves stomped Colorado last night. Not really a mediocre performance. Believe me I have been frustrated with the banged up Braves. Every game is like are we going to win, lose or lose another player. But they did finally win 2 on the road against a top AL team and won another game on the road last night.


The 31st Floor said...

I'd rather listen to Cougar's "Our Country" for the rest of my life than to ever hear an O.A.R. song again.

Someone needs to tell white kids that just because you like Bob Marley doesn't make you a reggae band.

Anonymous said...

The chick next to Mrs. Massanari was hot because, in addition to liking guitar playing baseball heroes, hot girls travel in packs. Thus, Mrs. Massanari was sitting with her hot friend, sister, cousin, whatever...

Although, in a fit of rage over that awful non-homerun call (nice job not painting the line wide enough Omaha), I did scream at the TV to "quit showing that bitch!" I think I was generally referring to Yount's momma and/or Mrs. Massanari. For that, I apologize. Sorry Mrs. Massanari. Show me your boobies.

Anonymous said...

Chicks dig the long blog...

Anonymous said...

I despise Erin Andrews. Every time her ridiculous voice comes on, I either mute it or turn the channel. It's that bad. Plus, she's not hot. Plus, she cannot report. Plus, she cannot spit out a sentence without f'ing it up.

Unbelieveable that some people suffer for years and years without a break, and this idiot gets millions of them.

Anonymous said...

Erin Andrews is useless along with "sideline reporters", "in-game-interviews" of coaches, and cameras on the field during the game.

Espn is ruining baseball with that shit.

... I can't believe that Yount drilled Massanari right after that HR call that hit the line. You cant tell me that was just an accident.... What is it with the beanball lately? NC State drilling Beckham in the first two at-bats of their series, Lyle Allen getting drilled after Joey Lewis' PH-HR in game 3.... WHy do these opposing teams suddenly think that its perfectly OK to drill Georgia players?

Anonymous said...

anon 11:35-you're an idiot

Unknown said...

Anon - 11:08

If you don't think Erin Andrews is hot then:
A. You're a chick


B. You'll die alone because no woman will live up to your idea.

Anon 11:35
Why on earth would Yount plunk our guy with men on base. That's not even logical baseball strategy. You don't plunk a Tier 2 player in that situation up by 1 run.

It was obviously an accident.

NCSU was definitely head hunting, but Yount's beaner was no more intentional than Field's pinging the Stanford kid in the head with a 93+ mph heater.


Anonymous said...

Erin has to have come to terms with why she's out there (and from interviews I've seen she's pretty down to earth about it), but the patronizing from the booth is getting to be a bit much. Patrick especially is getting into borderline-creepy-leering-old-man territory.

I think Patrick's most valuable contribution last night was the unintentional insight he provided into his crush on Todd Blackledge.

Anonymous said...

Erin Andrews IS hot.

Anonymous said...


Sure I am disappointed about my Seminoles going 2-and-Q this year...but that photo certainly takes some of the edge off of it.

Keep up the good work.

Your friend,

Richard Simmons.

Anonymous said...

Did UGA have the best year ('07-'08) of any program in the 3 NCAA majors?

For your consideration.

Mac G said...

I think many UGA fans will like this Lauren Massanari post.

Lauren Massanari

Anonymous said...

Time for a Diamond Dawgs banner...don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Hernandez was in line for a no-decision when he left the game, not a win.

Anonymous said...

Time for a Diamond Dawgs banner, indeed.

Erin Andrews is pure smoke. She is crazy hot. To disagree is beyond reproach and your man card should be yanked forcefully from your person.

She was completely off her game last night. But calling her out when Mike "What's up with Britney?" Patrick is calling the game is like complaining to the Captain of the Titanic that the iceberg is blocking your view of the moon.

The bigger question is how the heck do those ball players concentrate when she is in the dugout? If Joe Montana can find John Candy in the crowd during the Super Bowl, then surely Ms. Andrews is a mild distraction.

I would sub the guitar for a book on Economics and the baseball for a soccer ball. You have to be Jeter or Tom Brady to pull down top-flight babes. Looking like your average Joe in baseball won't get you the 10s. But in soccer you can look like a creepy hitchhiker and still date Brazilian super models.

Sorry to insert a link, but I provide this as evidence. Pictures vary from SFW to mildly NSFW to NSFW depending on your office. Sorry Paul if this violates GSB posting ethics, but I offer it from a purely scientific perspective.

JasonC said...

TX Dawg,
As much as I hate to nominate them, what about the year that florida won both the football and basketball championships? I have no idea what they did in baseball, but...
Of course, it's not big 3, but we also have equestrian, gymnastics and men's tennis titles this year too.

Hobnail_Boot said...

jasonc -

Last year UF baseball went 29-30 (15-15) and fired their coach.

Anonymous said...

UGA girls > Erin Andrews.

Enough said.

She's not "hot" by any stretch, and it's laughable that so many of you think otherwise.

Clearly we Andrews-haters are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Erin is attractive, not hot. However, I'm not there to look at chicks, I'm there to watch the Dawgs win. In this case, she was a distraction. Now, after the game if she wants to take her clothes off in my living room, that's another story!


Anonymous said...

She is hot, but we must not forget that she went to Florida...

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding regarding Lauren Massanari. Sure, Bryce definitely out-punted his coverage (or whatever the baseball equivalent)...but Lauren, with all due respect, looks like Adam Sandler's crazy girlfriend in The Waterboy.

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