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June 28, 2008

Uga VI Died Last Night and the Savannah Morning News are both reporting that Georgia Bulldog mascot Uga VI passed away last night. Uga VI (aka: "Uga V's Whatchagot Loran") was born in July 1998, and he took over for his father in Sept. 1999 during a "Passing of the Bone" ceremony. (image:

Update: Official UGA Statement with Details on His Passing

He was the adored mascot of the program, but he was also a beloved family pet of the Seiler family. The Savannah Morning News reports that Uga VI had a heart attack last night, and the family was by his side at his passing. According to the official statement:
“He was a good one,” Seiler said. “What can I say? He had a marvelous record. He was a very strong and healthy dog. He was the biggest of all the dogs, and he had the biggest heart. It just played out.”
Our thoughts are with the Seiler family today.

During his tenure the football team enjoyed a long run of prosperity going 87-27 overall, 52-23 in the SEC and 7-2 in bowl games. This was a Dawg who saw a lot of very good football perched high atop a gigantic bag of ice. (Updated: It was 87 wins. I didn't realize the SC game was the 2nd of the season '99)

To the best of my knowledge, Uga VI only missed two games during his tenure. Animal quarantine rules prohibited him making the trip to Hawaii for the 2000 Oahu Bowl, and he missed the 2005 game at Mississippi State due to illness and the remnants of a hurricane passing over the area.


Uga VI
Uga V
Uga IV
Uga II
Uga I
The Savannah paper also reports that Uga VI will be buried in Sanford Stadium during a ceremony on Monday. (Update: Georgiadogs says the ceremony is private)

As of 12:08 pm (when I wrote the first version of this), there was no word on how the Seiler family and Georgia officials will handle the transfer of responsibilities to Uga VII. The two biggest upcoming events/appearances for Uga VII would be the UGA Kickoff Charity event (July 18-19) and Picture Day (August).

As the news trickles in today, we'll update our article.

Damn Good Dawg.

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Anonymous said...

What a great Dawg! He had it all: camera appeal, charisma, and a hint of attitude. RIP, Uga VI.

Andrew said...

Tough news to swallow. Damn good dawg. RIP, big guy.

ChiliDawg said...

Are the burial ceremonies usually opened to the public?

Unknown said...


The official UGA Statement said this:

"Uga VI, who would have turned 10 on July 22, will be buried in a marble vault in the Southwest corner of Sanford Stadium with his predecessors. The private ceremonies are expected to be held early next week."

That's the latest as of a few minutes ago when the statement came out.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand and respect the desire for a private ceremony, but I think it would be interesting to see how many folks would make the trip just for him, with no football game involved. I think a lot woulod.

Will said...

That's a shame. Damn good dawg.

Anonymous said...

USC in '99 was the second game of the season. He took over before that game.

Anonymous said...

He was truly a DGD.

My thoughts are with the Seiler family

Anonymous said...

St. Peter has another dawg to guard the gates of heaven.


Anonymous said...

Damn Good Dawg! He will be missed.

ChiliDawg said...


Thanks for letting me know. As soon as I posted that, I read the release on I am in Athens working and taking summer classes, so I know I would have went had it been public. But I understand the wishes for privacy. I've never actually been over to the area in the stadium where the dogs are buried. I may have to make a visit this fall.

Paige said...

A very sad day for the Dawg Nation. My heart goes out to the Seiler family as well. As much as we all loved him they loved him more.

RIP Big Dawg!!

Anonymous said...

I was still a student when Uga V passed. I believe they also had a private internment for him at the stadium, but the bridge was packed with people. The R&B ran a number of photos and an article on it. Maybe people will just show up again. Damn good Dawg.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Uga VI set the bar awfully high as far as affability and slobber.

He will be fondly missed.

Anonymous said...

Please accept my sympathies from this vol fan.

Anonymous said...

Just to show you the quality of character of UF fans, a friend of mine sent me a link to this story with the subject: "Go Gators."

Classy people, aren't they?

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