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June 28, 2008

More Articles on Uga VI's Passing

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Pictures:Blog ResponsesAnd as always...Tech fans show their class. All of it.



Anonymous said...

The brilliance of the pathetic bunch of jealous pansies from Gtu...what a pathetic existence they lead.

The beauty of the wreck of the wreck is that it was done by one of the idiots in whose care the car is supposed to be. He *snuck* the car off for a weekend for personal use and wrecked it. That is what is so funny about that story. And of course, the obvious allegory for Gtu's flailing and debt-ridden athletic department.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Just ask Tech. 7 is a lucky number.

Bob said...

We extend our condolences. UGA is a true icon of the deep South brand of college football we all love and he will be missed.

Will said...

Tech fans = assholes.

Anonymous said...

GT's mascot should be changed to Lord and Lady Douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Those Tech fans should go screw themselves. They might as well, we know they won't be screwing any girls.

Anonymous said...

This is typical of the mutual respect amongst members of the SEC as well as the inferiority complex of GTU.

Anonymous said...

In the immortal words of J. Montgomery Burns "Let them have their tar tar sauce."

Seven in a row in football, we beat them in bball and then won the SEC tournament on their court, and then eliminated from them from the CWS in the regional.

Comparing the affection your average human feels between a bulldog and a yellow jacket is like comparing the affection your average human feels between a hug and a kick in the crotch.

Unlike them, our mascot is not universally despised and generally killed or avoided on sight. "The Hive"! You know what 99.99% of GT fans would do if they found a hive in their yard? They'd spray it with enough poison to warrant a cease and desist letter from the EPA.

RIP Uga VI...

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