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June 29, 2008

Uga VI's Facebook

The folks who manage Uga VI's presence on Facebook listed his final status as (click image to enlarge):
"is proud to have served the greatest university in the world. He wants Georgia Nation to know that he's in a better place and the steaks up here are heavenly."
Huge hat tip to Kyle King on that one.

See Also:There will probably be more articles in Sunday's papers. I'm expecting particularly large features in the ABH, AJC, and Savannah News. However, I doubt I'll be able to link to them until extremely late or at all. I'll be on airplanes most of the day.



Unknown said...

I know we had a poll in jest recently about crying after a football loss/win, but I'm about to pop-in the "Damn Good Dawg" DVD in a minute, and I guarantee I'll be teary-eyed before long. What a strange day (and week) this has been.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how much I believe in omens and whatnot, but consider this: LSU's Mike V died in May of last year, and we know damn well what LSU did in the ensuing season. Just sayin' is all. Just sayin'.

Andrew said...

In other news, look what else these vandals spray painted (read to the bottom).

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