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June 19, 2008

We're Omaha Bound

Assuming we make our connecting flights, Quinton McDawg and I are headed to Omaha for Friday and (if necessary) Saturday's College World Series Games. Yesterday, we fluked into flights from ATL on Delta for 25,000 Sky Miles.

I was shocked to pull a deal like that. On Monday, there were still SkyMiles deals available for Monday - Wednesday championship games for 37,500 miles each, but we couldn't make those days work.

Flying direct to Omaha from just about anywhere in the Southeast is pretty expensive without some reward travel assistance. Some options to consider
  • Connecting through Chicago
  • Connecting through Memphis
  • Departing from Birmingham on Southwest
As I understand it, obtaining tickets to the actual games is the easy part. The tough part is the airfare. There are quality hotel rooms for up to 4 people in Hilton properties near the stadium for around $180/night. There are other 3 star places available for around $75-100 / night that aren't too far away.

I hope you can make it up. If not, I hope you can sneak out of work on Friday at 2:00 pm to see the Dawgs take on Stanford.



Anonymous said...

GATA! Go Dawgs!

Ludakit said...

Have a safe flight. Take plenty of pictures and I fully expect a report on just how good a real Omaha Steak is.

Anonymous said...

What hotels downtown are you finding that cheap?

Everywhere in town I've called wants $200-$275 a night?

Unknown said...

Anon - Re: Hotels

Go to Search Omaha, distance 5 miles and "All Hilton Properties" from the drop down menu below the city.

They're right there.

Anonymous said...

You can also search Orbitz.

C. Paul said...

God's Speed!

Joel said...

I'm going to be on a plane during the majority of the game. Sucks

HiAltDawg said...

Wow! Based on your budget. Michael Adams' party should get by on a paltry 4 mil.

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