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July 11, 2008

Game Between the Hoses: UGA vs. Auburn

I actually haven't seen this footage since it happened. Georgia beat Auburn in 1986 to ruin an otherwise solid season for the Tigers. In the game's aftermath the UGA fans stormed the field. To quench our thirst for victory, the Auburn grounds keeper turned the hoses on us.

Good times.



Anonymous said...

Should anyone be surprised that in Alabama, when there's an issue of "crowd control," their first impulse is to use high pressure hoses?

The only thing lamer than Auburn's use of the hoses was their attempt to explain that they were doing it for the safety of UGA fans who were "fighting with each other."

It's a second rate school in a third rate state. All the sharp people in Alabama (now there's an oxymoron for you) go to Alabama, so it's full of plowboys from the backwoods of Alabama plus kids from metro Atlanta who arent smart enough to get into UGA plus people from all over who just cant resist the appeal of living in a trailer while you go to college.

Tech people are annoying, but at least most of them are good at math. Auburn people are mostly good at running their mouths about how great their football team is, despite the fact that they havent won a national championship since Ike was in the White House, and Georgia Freaking Tech has more SEC football titles than AU. Of course, Tech's only been out of the SEC for almost 50 years now. Maybe Auburn can nose ahead of them by 2060.

Oh, and before I forget: Anyone who thinks Bo Jackson was a better college running back than Herschel Walker (as many local AU fans shrilly insist to me) is either overly medicated, or should be.

GATA to everyone who was there that night "Between the Hoses," and to all AU fans who think that was hilarious, I hope your goat breaks up with you.

Anonymous said...

Great quote from the one and only Billy Bates.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I sort of understand them trying to keep people off the field.

What really sucked was not shown in this video. They started using the hoses on us in the stands too.

Brian from GA said...

I was there that night. One thing not mentioned is that UGA fans were tearing up the logo in retaliation for AU fans tearing up the hedges the year before. The AU fans were in the crowd screaming... get off our field!!

Anonymous said...

I was there that night and can say without a doubt that the hoses were sprayed into the stands (well up into the stands). I remember vividly seeing some old lady get knocked over. It was one of the more classless and astonishing things I have ever seen in sports. But, what would you expect from a group that's been on probation more times than any team in NCAA history?

Anonymous said...

Talk about damaging a field....yea, let's turn the water hoses on, get the ground good and wet, then let over 500 people trample around on it. Wonder how much damage the brain dead grounds keeper did to his field that night? I have always had a bad taste for Auburn, this just makes it stronger. I have never seen that footage before.

Smitty said...

I used to have a shirt that said "Hose that Tiger"....

Anonymous said...

I was at this game. Pretty fun to watch the hoses on the field until the losers turned the water on us in the stands. Thanks Wayne Johnson....great game that night.

Anonymous said...

I was at this game. Pretty fun to watch the hoses on the field until the losers turned the water on us in the stands. GATA Wayne Johnson!

Anonymous said...

I was about to say (but almost everyone else on that thread did) its a shame that video didn't show where they turned it on the stands. I know some Auburn fan history revisionist that claim the hose was never turned on the stands. However, in one of the big groups I tailgate with alot, there is an older lady who is a rabid dawg fan and who was in the crowd that night in '85. She was close to 60 then, and she got drenched. Classless move by some classless people. I'm not saying it was classy that Georgia folks were on the field...Im fine with hosing them down. But to turn the hose on the stands in 45 degree weather with women and children up there is ridiculous.

Will said...

This pretty much exemplifies why College football is so amazing.

Anonymous said...

All school, don't forget last year the Iron Bowl was surrounded by police with German Shepherds.

German Shepherds. And fire hoses. In Alabama.

Hmmmmm...somewhere down below, Bull Connor is nodding approvingly

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the loud Redcoat Fanfare in the background as this is going on! GO DAWGS!!

Would be cool to hear from a Redcoat who was in the band at that time and what they were doing during all this!

Anonymous said...

1) Fans should NEVER go on the field. Retaliation for a prior incident or not. In fact at some point when does the retaliation end.
2) There was a story a while back, maybe in the AJC that the Auburn man who turned the hoses on is a UGA alum.
3) I was there and the hoses were turned on the stands. I was not near it and we were leaving at that point so I have no idea how long they were on the stands.

Anonymous said...

I was there that night also but I was sitting on the Auburn side up in the nose bleeds and I had a liquor drink poured on me because of our fans on the field.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to apply today's standard of decency on a 1985 football game. I'm sure Auburn don't like to look back at those firehoses just like I don't like to see our fans on their field just like Auburn probably wouldn't like to look back and see their fans destroying our hedges.

Remember this was Auburn in 1985 that means they had the mental capacity of a typical Georgian from about 1940. Doesn't that sound about right?

Anonymous said...

Oh the memories....I was on that field, my Junior year. Wayne Johnson takes over the QB job for a game because of the death of James Jackson's grandfather. Boswell makes the interception to seal the game. It was like a quick riot, everyone just poured onto the field. We were not expected to win against Pat Dye, Brent Fullwood, and the pounding Auburn running attack.

I was briefly on TV behind Dooley as they were interviewing him and we were mobbing him, which was not on this video. I saw a couple of fraternity brothers and friends I recognized in this one.

The guy you see actually chasing the water, dancing, and running after it to get wet and enjoy it in the corner was my roommate, he's now a prominent Doctor in Birmingham.

I remember I saw my roommate from my freshman year on his knees, handcuffed on the goal line, with an Auburn cop's knee in his back. I stopped to help, he yelled at me to save myself, he would take care of these Auburn bastards. Discretion being the better part of valor, I climbed back into the stands.

They did turn the water cannons on the crowd, knocking people over. I remember seeing a prominent member of my church throwing haymakers over the fence at one of the cannon operators, as a crowd of adult Georgia fans were screaming at the operator to turn the water off the stands.

The memories are a true Animal House "end of the parade" moment for me, recalling everyone like it was movie still and knowing what they are doing 22 years later.

Ess Eee Cee football is awesome ain't it? Mid 80's Dawg

Anonymous said...

Freshman year. First big road trip. Awesome game. Didn't think life could get much better. Then we got soaked in the stands and froze our asses off. Didn't think it could get much worse. Ended up having to fight some pansy AU fans and drilled 'em. Alls well again. Ah, the ups and downs of life in the SEC. Good times, man. Good times.

Anonymous said...

I've still got a T-shirt, red w/ white writing that reads: "If you can't beat 'em, hose 'em."

Thanks Wayne Johnson. Beat Auburn!

Cash Mag-Direct Mail Ads in Savannah., GA said...

Saw 2 different friends in that clip.
Mike Hostilo of Savannah and Byron Vaught who I haven't seen in years but grew up on St. Simons.

Anonymous said...

Hopped the fence, faked out a security guard and made a beeline for midfield. Made a head-first slide on the AU logo and still have the white UGA sweatshirt with orange and blue paint all across the front. Good times.

Joshua said...

Georgia deserved the hoses and more. Classless. And I can smell the liquor through my computer screen.

Anonymous said...

"It's a second rate school in a third rate state."

Save Atlanta, Georgia is just as backwoods, if not moreso. Home of Dukes of Hazard and Deliverance.

"their first impulse is to use high pressure hoses"

So Georgia was far above all the racism in the 60's. I'm sure.

"Auburn people are mostly good at running their mouths about how great their football team is"

Lets not forget who owns the series.

"All the sharp people in Alabama go to Alabama"

Auburn is more difficult to get into than Alabama.

"arent smart enough to get into UGA"

They go to other schools because anybody can make a 3.0 and qualify for the HOPE and masses of people obviously want to go to one of the two legitimate public schools in GA. lets not forget the HOPE is dependent on the lottery - that's classy.

Finally, Georgia fans (just as Auburn fans would have been)were trespassing and they deserved whatever means used to evacuate them.

Anonymous said...

Georgia fans should have never been on the field. Hopefully quite a few leghumpers on PDF got mowed down that night. As for turning it on the stands well that was just stupid. I agree there is no reason that should ever happen.

I hope to see all you jawja fans again this November....remember to stay off the field this time.

Anonymous said...

all school said: "All the sharp people in Alabama...go to Alabama"

Yeah, because trying to keep dead grass as a souvenir is a sign of true intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I was 12 at the time and at the game with my family. We were sitting in a section of the field and the UGA fans wrapped around the top of the endzone above our section. We were watching the idiots on the field when the UGA fans in the stands started getting out of control. A whiskey bottle went right past my head and hit the bleachers in front of us. My dad wasted no time getting us out of there after that. They started forcing the UGA fans out of the stadium after that (and for good reason). It was also noted many times that the hose policy was also in place at UGA so it could have happend in Athens just as easy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Vince Dooley, Joel Eaves, and Erk Russell were true morons too. Then again, I doubt if you know who half those guys are given your obvious stupidity.

Georgia and Auburn both only have 1 national championship recognized by the AP, and Tech and AU have the same number of SEC titles..but hey don't let facts get in the way while you make yourself look like a fool.

Anyway, to the blogger. Neat video. I've heard about this plenty but never seen the video.

Unknown said...

Hey all school,

Just remember:


lol, you loser!

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing the game on TV from a satelite feed from my backyard dish. This was a live direct feed without commercials. TV cameras continued to roll long after the game ended. Most of this was not seen on the regular network broadcast. I recall the Auburn stadium announcer continuously called for fans to exit the stadium after the game ended. He congratulated GA fans on their victory, but begged them to please get off the field and leave the stadium for their own safety. Many young GA fans had showed their class by running to the center of the field, and on their hands and knees, pulled up grass in the AU logo. A young female GA fan (looked to be 19 or 20) stood alone in the north end zone stands. She stood in one spot, well within range of a water cannon, prancing her hips in a left to right motion. With both arms raised, she was giving the classless middle finger salute with both hands. Her exhibition was meant for the guy operating the water gun about 15 rows down from her. He promptly gave her a Saturday night bathing with his water gun. The water guns were only used to disburse the disobedient GA crowd, after the game had ended. Fans were given more than enough time to exit before the water was turned on. Many of the GA fans that refused to leave the stands were cheering their crowd that swarmed the field. Before the water cannons were turned on, it was a crowd out of control. Police guarded the goal post in the north end zone. Otherwise, GA fans would likely have torn it down. Several arrests were made on the field. Many GA fans were led from the field in handcuffs. It was a night to remember. I recall that Auburn later issued as apology for using the water cannons, and Georgia issued an apology for the behavior of their fans after the game. There was an effort by both schools to kiss and make up. Choice stuff!

Anonymous said...

Wow - this is a shame to see again. I was a 17 year old high school junior in the stands, in the Georgia section with my 11 year old little brother and parents. We are a mixed family - half Georgia & Half Auburn - the real trouble started long before the hoses with the DRUNK Georgia fans throwing bottles - empty and some partially full whiskey bottles. one of which hit me, one of which hit the ground next too me and its broken, flying glass cut me. Until that day I cheered for Auburn and Georgia equally. Never again. Should Auburn fans have torn up UGA's hedges in 85? No, but no one got hurt. Drunk fans hurling bottles, cups, you name it..hitting kids, parents, students and anyone in their path, then storming the field was unbelievable and uncalled for. The hoses were really the only peaceful option and yep, UGA had the same contingency plan and would have used it in a heartbeat if Auburn fans had been as out of control as SOME (not all) UGA fans were that night in 86.

I guess the one good thing is thanks to the violence and my bleeding from the glass thrown my way my parents got us out of there fast! We missed the hoses my about 2 minutes. Scary night to a kid - and I still have the scar on my hand to show for it.

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