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July 11, 2008

"Uga and His Family" documentary on CSS television - July 12

Date: July 12
Time: 7:00PM til 8:00PM
Where: CSS Television

This special documentary produced by Southern Outdoor Productions will follow the UGA vs. BAMA ‘07 game telecast on CSS television.

As originally written up by Chip Towers on (May '08):
“Uga and His Family” was shot by Jeffries Eldridge and Jeff Corley of Valdosta, who followed Uga VI through last season. They start with Picture Day last August, reveal where Uga lives at the home of Sonny and Cecelia Seiler in Savannah and follow him on his journey to Athens for a game-day weekend.

“We kind of do a brief history of the mascots and then show what Uga goes through during a typical season,” said Eldridge, whose company S.O. Productions normally shoots outdoor sports features for television. “It’s really sort of a tribute to the Seilers and a behind-the-scenes look to all the work that goes getting Uga to and from games.”
I believe that they updated the documentary to include information about Uga VI's passing.



Unknown said...


Can you report a little on the new recruit. Was he our top DB target? Are we still trying for Brandon Smith from ATL? And what about Jarvis Jones? If you know something, I would love to hear.

Unknown said...


Recruiting isn't my strong suit.

If we went all the way to Virginia to recruit a kid, he's a pretty high target. There's an opportunity cost and a risk level associated with going that far out of state for a kid.

Gotta be a stud to reach that far out of our geographic footprint.


xss500 said...

I saw the report it is pretty nice..

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Anonymous said...

That is terrific! Another documentary, book, movie, etc about UGa and the Seilers. As if they need more attention. Ole' Sonny and Swann can bath in the limelight while talking about their family "pet".

I've never seen a group of people verbally avoid the attention they so emphatically embrace. Go away Seilers. Thanks, but it's time for another family to carry the torch.

Btw, how much mascot can one fan base take?

Charlie Dodson said...

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed...

Unknown said...

Anon 8:13,

You've made your point abundantly clear via several posts.

If you feel that strongly about it, you should start your own blog. But constantly, anonymously trashing the Seiler family on my site really isn't welcomed.



Anonymous said...

First, anonymous, go find a corner and lick your own. No one wants to hear about your Yecchie jealously of UGA's famous mascot and his owners. BTW, UGA VII will be even more revered once he begins his tenure.

Now, was the timing of that dogumentary not perfect. Excellent job of showing everyone what UGA VI's gameday was like.


Anonymous said...

A great documentary for a great mascot! The heart of Georgia athletics is UGA himself. Gooooooo DAWGS!!!! Sic 'em!!! woof! woof! woof!

Anonymous said...

Uga VII is going to be special.

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