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August 6, 2008

ESPN puts UGA #1 in Power Rankings, but....

But they also put us #5 in the Bottom 10. The #5 spot in the Bottom 10 is reserved for the otherwise successful team that does something dumb during the week to warrant being made fun of. For instance, I think Bama made the Bottom 10 after losing to UL-M.

The snarky Bottom 10 comments about the off field antics aside, it's more moment for the product on the field via the Power Ranking #1 spot. (Image: Hipple)

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Dubbayoo said...

I just wanted to say the two Auburn players behind Knowshon are so afraid of him they are holding each other.

Anonymous said...

Dubbayoo, you just made me send my drink through my nose much like a third grader would after someone said "booby".

Anonymous said...

one of THE best comments on a pic ever...they are embracing

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