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August 12, 2008

Get Well Soon Big Fella

We need to see more of this from you in the future.



Anonymous said...

LOL ROLF....can we KARMA?????

Anonymous said...

aww still sour about last year?

Ally said...

A gaytor is talking about karma? Seriously?

You just lost your 5th player this year to an acl injury.

Unlike you, I don't think that has anything to do with Karma. And, unlike you, I can't imagine being so pathetic that I would laugh at seeing a kid suffer such a painful & disastrous injury.

But, you stay classy anon.

Jason said...

Can we karma?

Is that like the Soulja Boy? Because if so, yes, we can totally karma.

See you November 1st.

Anonymous said...

"ROLF?" Anon, you can't even get text message e-language right, you stupid asshair.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy on the Gaytor- he just found out his jorts didn't come with a loop for his hammer. Stay classy Gaytor. Teblow will feel the pain yet again Nov 1st.

Anonymous said...


Wasn't that a Boy George song?

Now that fits a Gay-tor fan like a glove...

Can you Karma Florida? Yes. Yes you can.

Oh, and I've never understood how someone can "ROLF". Are you "Rolling on laughing floor"? "Rolling On Lawn, Farting"? Maybe it's "Raining Outside. Left Feeling inadequate." How about "Really Old Lady F@^king"?

No, I've got it.


"Reptiles Only Like Fags"

Anonymous said...

Does this facilitate A.J. Harmon moving to offensive line?

Anonymous said...

ROLF = 9-4

You guys didnt know that?

Anonymous said...

LOL...Karma...Harvin's foot isn't healing right. Guy might not ever be 100%.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand these stupid lowlife P.O.S Gaytor fans celebrating a kid getting injured. Just shows what little class some folks in Gainsville have. Like a fellow UGA fan implored to me in the bathroom at the WLOCP party a few years back, "Pee long and hard boys, it all drains into the Swamp!"

Anonymous said...

Humor me here...

The year is 2011. The Dawgs offensive lineup returns the following starters.

Jr QB Aaron Murray
Sr RB Caleb King
Sr RB Richard Samuel
Sr RB Carlton Thomas
Sr WR AJ Green
Sr WR Tavarres King

(And don't forget a certain Mr. Ealey)

O-Line -

LT 5thYr Sr Trinton Sturdivant
LG Sr Chris Little
C Sr Ben Jones
RG Sr Justin "Bean" Anderson
RT Sr Cordy Glenn

There would also be numerous upperclassman returning to D including Rambo, Commings, etc.

The schedule sets up with Louisville, So. Car., Coastal Car., Miss. St., Kentucky, and Auburn at home. The only road games of consequence are @ Tenn. and @ GaTech. We also have away dates with Vandy, Ole Miss, and of course the Cocktail Party. (There is also a non-conf. game TBD)

Obviously the chances of injuries, disciplinary issues, or the draft not entering into this is limited. But its worth a look given Sturdivant's situation.

What can I say, I'm a glass half full guy.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know the severety of the injury to the big guy. Was it a total blowout?

Anonymous said...

The injury was pretty bad. 3 ligaments torn. Not just the typical ACL tear. ACL, MCL, & PCL were torn. Substantial surgery needed and a long, arduous rehab will follow. Was a very serious injury unfortunately.

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