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August 12, 2008

Georgia vs. Russia

I'm obviously a day late on this, but Orson Swindle has the latest on Georgia's well publicized non-conference road game vs. Russia. I particularly liked the Rennie Curran line.



Lucid Idiocy said...

It'd be a lot funnier if people weren't dying.

Will said...



Unknown said...

Given Orson's prior line of work, he gets a pretty long leash for international humor in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Russia had a football team in 1990 that toured the United States, playing exhibition/goodwill games against semi-pro teams. I was a ball boy for the Macon Heat Wave that year, a team that lasted one year. Lou Saban was the coach for that exhibition game and four other games before quitting mid-season because of a dispute with the owner.

Anyway... the Russian team was about as good as a single A high school team (Actually, some of Georgia's single A teams probably would have beaten them). They had some big guys who had no clue what they were doing. It was quite comical.

Anonymous said...

Dawg19, I actually went to a Heat Wave game against the Bay City Titans when I was a kid. I remember them (Bay City) having a defensive end who was actually drafted in the 1st round after that season by the Cardinals, thereby proving that the people running the Arizona Cardinals at that time could have been bested by a team of capuchan monkeys, with or without a dart board. I think the guy played one season in the league, two at most.

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