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August 2, 2008

Urban Meyer brings Mr. AK-47 back to campus

Urban Meyer gives Ronnie Wilson another shot (pun intended). Wilson has been reinstated as a walk-on at Florida. He will play defensive tackle and tail gunner for the Gators.

His initial suspension was caused by firing an AK-47 assault rifle into the air in a parking lot following an altercation with another man April 5, 2007. Wilson pleaded no contest to charges of battery and discharging a firearm in public.

So Ronnie "Delta Force" Wilson gets put back on the Florida team at defensive tackle. As Orson Swindle of EDSBS points out, I guess this pretty much confirms the rumors that Omar Hunter's got back / health problems.

When Orson Swindle invented the Fulmer Cup a separate award was created to "celebrate" individual achievement in complete lawless behavior by a football player. Alabama's Jimmy Johns will likely win it this year for allegedly selling cocaine. In 2007, Florida's Ronnie Wilson won the dubious award.

As Orson said to his fellow Gators today:
Purchase smoke machines and military fatigues immediately. We’re da U now, and will have to live with it.
Indeed. Urban is many things, but a guy in pursuit of the top 1% of 1% is not one of them.



Ally said...
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Anonymous said...

I really hate Urban Meyer at this point. Does that swamp air turn everyone into complete arrogant, classless sub-humans?

Will said...


Anonymous said...

I also seriously doubt his tuition is coming out of his own pocket.

Anonymous said...

No, he held some old lady up for it.

Anonymous said...

I was reading on another website where people were discounting the term assault rifle. Many people evidently feel that an AK-47 is not really a big deal.

An assault rifle is an automatic weapon whose ammunition travels faster than the speed of sound.

It fires a 7.62mm bullet with is the same size as that which is fired by the M-60 machine gun. It provides a force of 1550 ft/lbs of force at its tip. The bullet travels over 2300 feet per second. Essentially this is a .308 in bullet while some russian AK's fire a .311. bullet.

It capacity to maw human flesh and bone is the reason why it is the choice of so many paramilitary groups.

I assure you that the soldiers in IRAQ and Afghanistan are aware of the AK-47's awesome killing power.

If it was an AK-47, even the semi-automatic version it is not to be a weapon to pass over with such whimsical reflection.

I hope this helps with some perspective for those who have little or no idea what an assault rifle is.

Anonymous said...

What defines an assault weapon is list of features that the weapon has such as rate of fire, magazine size etc. I am pretty sure one thing not on that list is faster than the speed of sound. In fact I have never heard of any projectile breaking the sound barrier.

Anonymous said...

Actually the speed of sound at sea level is 1129 ft/s. The average AK round (7.62mm) moves at around 2300 ft/s. By my math that is over twice the speed of sound.

Anonymous said...

Holy smoke! You people seriously have to stop discussing firearms, ballistics, and assault weapons definitions. The ignorance is too much for me to bear.

Crane said...

Looks like we lost two guys for the season and we move up the fulmer cup board.

Anonymous said...

Bullets travel faster than bottles but bottles will get you suspended.

Anonymous said...

Matt B is totally right...this is nothing like having mutliple players drinking and driving mutliple times. Or a university so dumb that it gets caught cheating with a crappy basketball team. QUIT BEING A UGA HOMER!

Rob S

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