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September 7, 2008

Polls are out: UGA remains #2 (More stats)

Georgia remains #2 in the both the ESPN/USAToday Coaches Poll and AP Poll. Ohio State fell to 5th place in both polls. For UGA, it's better than it looks at first glance.

AP Top 5: (first place votes: total points)
1. USC 1-0
33 1577
2. Georgia 2-0
23 1525
3. Oklahoma 2-0
2 1458
4. Florida 2-0
4 1438
5. Ohio State 2-0
1 1347

USA Today: (first place votes : total points)
1. USC 1-0
34 1481
2. Georgia 2-0
18 1454
3. Oklahoma 2-0
3 1370
4. Florida 2-0
3 1306
5. Ohio State 2-0
1 1289

Stats from the AP Poll:
  • USC: Gained 12 first place votes and 38 overall points. Most of OSU's first place votes went to Southern Cal. I see this as pro-Ohio State voters who used to think that the Buckeyes would beat the Trojans ... waking up.
  • UGA: Gained 3 first place votes and 19 overall points. Gained 58 net points over 3rd place. Lost 19 net points on #1 USC. This basically means that we continue to separate ourselves from falling to third place in the polls.
  • Ohio State: Fell from 3rd to 5th. Lost 14 first place votes.
  • UF: Lost a first place vote. Gained 23 net points. The Buckeyes would've been well served by having that debacle against Ohio University not on television.
Stats from the Coaches Poll:
  • USC: Gained 9 first place votes. Most of OSU's votes went to Southern Cal.
  • UGA: Lost 2 first place votes, but gained 12 net points. Only lost 7 net points to USC's 1st place position. Gained 27 points over 3rd place. In other words, we did slip a little, but we're still within striking distance to Southern Cal.
  • OSU: Fell from 3rd to 5th. Lost 9 first place votes.
  • UF: Same first place votes. Moved from 5th to 4th.
I didn't say much about Oklahoma's votes because they aren't our problem currently. We're expanding our lead over them in both if we keep winning we shouldn't have to worry about them...for now. OBVIOUSLY, if we lose a game, they become a much different issue.

What we're basically seeing is consolidation / consensus at the very top of voter ballots. Who knows how the ballots will shift around if Ohio State should shock the Trojans and win.



Anonymous said...

Despite the rankings and events of the past weekend, my predictions for the College Gameday/Live crew for this weekend's contest:

Lou Holtz:
SCAR over UGA (Best D in the SEC)

Mark May:
SCAR over UGA (UGA is teh suxorz mwahaha)

Lee Corso:
SCAR over UGA (Upset Special)

Kirk Herbstreit:
UGA over SCAR (Closer than the experts think)

Its pretty pathetic when you have to turn to Herbstreit as the voice of reason. On the other hand, Corso picking against us has worked out well in the past.

Anonymous said...

So now people are predicting who other people will pick?

My bet is that all of them will pick UGA. Holtz might go with the "SCar will give them some trouble line".

Does anyone keep track of how many picks the talking heads get right? That might make for an interesting followup to see if you are better than them.

I know the online folks keep track and Stew Mandel even has a challenge at FanNation to pick against him.

blackertai said...

He's like the scarlet letter of college football, now that Lou Holtz's peptalks are over and done with.

Eric said...

I'm at a loss...Notre Dame got 3 votes? Either a voter lost a bet, or has a strange sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

As long as Lou Holtz is on College Gameday, I refuse to watch the show. He was a questionable coach and an awful TV personality. There are just some people that do NOT need to be on TV regardless of what they have done in the past. Shannon Sharpe on CBS's NFL program also comes to mind.

Dubbayoo said...

I still wouldn't call it a virtual certainty that USC goes undefeated. Keep in mind last year they lost to Stanford AT HOME!

I'm also not sure why Sanchez is already God's gift to USC. He's got an arm but he's still young (starts-wise). Don't forget he threw a bonehead INT that cost them the Oregon game last year.

USC walks on water as far as L.A. media is concerned. I've lived in L.A. ten years and their players are only below Kobe Bryant in terms of status. They'll find a way to lose to someone, just like we will.

Anonymous said...

I would argue that I can predict who the "experts" will pick more accurately than they can pick who will win the games.

If they'd like to go toe to toe on the big games with me, I give you my picks of UCLA to beat Tenn. and Vandy to beat SCAR. Unfortunately, some other boneheaded picks on my part are keeping me out of the top 25 in GeorgiaSportsBlog Pick'em.

Squarebush said...

Speaking of Dr. Lou, one of this helmet stickers went to tOSU:

"It wasn't a great effort Saturday, but Ohio State will play an outstanding game at USC. You never have the same team two weeks in a row. They will redeem themselves out in California. They're a very talented football team and I think they'll win at the Coliseum."

I didn't know that helmet stickers were handed out before a game.

Unknown said...

Regardless of ESPN, this is going to be a fun, fun, fun week leading up to Saturday. I hope Succop is ready to suck-it-up once again - and I don't mean the stink from Smelley. Staff's waiting for this, he remembers Columbia and those three interceptions. SuperShon watched, he knows too. . .

Spurrier, if you're reading, bring a few extra sets of visors and napkins; the Bulldog nation is firing-up the grill for some blackened chicken!

Anonymous said...

Ohio State will fall out of the top ten completely when USC beats them by 28.

Dream Bowl Game would be Notre Dame vs Ohio State.

Now that my friends is a laugher we can believe in!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how an idle USC team GAINS votes over UGA (and others).

Just seems to me that either 1) voters worship USC, or 2) voters hate UGA.

Maybe it's both.

Muckbeast said...

Here is the bogus thing about the USA Today poll:

We lost 1, if not 2, #1 votes to USC.

USC was idle, UGA had a dominating win, and we lose 1 or 2 #1 votes to USC?


The Coaches poll is a joke.

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