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October 26, 2008

AP and Coaches Polls are Out; UGA is 8th

The Associated Press and USA Today Coaches Poll are both out, and the Georgia Bulldogs moved up one spot in each to #8. Just as importantly, Southern Cal fell in both poll. They are now 6th in the Coaches Poll instead of their earlier (and more ridiculous) 4th place.

With the Florida Gators sitting at 5th and 7th in the AP and Coaches polls and Texas Tech (6th and 5th) playing Texas this coming weekend, Georgia could jump all the way to 5th with a win at the Cocktail Party. The Trojans are within reach.

The BCS Standings come out around 4:00 on Fox.Or not.

Teams of note on our schedule:


Georgia Tech

Other Items of Note:
  • Georgia Tech fell out of the Top 25 following their humiliating loss to Virginia. Hmmm...Georgia wins. Tennessee loses. Tech loses. Near perfect weekend if you ask me.
  • Our long national nightmare is over. Ohio State has been spared from the humiliation of losing their third consecutive national title to an SEC team. Well...there's always the Citrus Bowl.
  • This coming weekend, Georgia Tech hosts Florida State and Virginia hosts Miami in two games that will go a very long way towards deciding who goes to the ACC Title game as well as shaking out the ACC Bowl picture. I like both Florida schools in that one.
  • Six non-BCS teams and Minnesota are all positioned above the ACC's 2nd highest rated team.
  • Dear Arizona State, Please stop sucking. Sincerely, Georgia Fans.


Will said...

Ohio State will indeed be out of the MNC running, but instead we'll get PSU if their cupcake of a remaining schedule is any indication. *Sigh* Freakin' "Big" "10."

Anonymous said...

So UF/UGA, first one to 50 wins?

blackertai said...

We'll get Penn. St.? You people are relentlessly optimistic, considering it's way more likely we'll fall under that Richt curse once again if we finish 12-1. We'll have one loss, against one of the toughest schedules in the nation, and we'll be locked out of the national title game because of 12-0 Penn. St. and 13-0 Texas. Even if we beat a #2 Alabama, the "JoePa's old and in the Big 10!" narrative that ESPN will be selling in full swing by that point.


Will said...

No, no no. When I say "We'll get Penn State." I mean "We" as a country and a TV-audience. "We" as in UGA will probably get some lucky Non-BCS team like Tulsa or Boise or Utah in the Sugar Bowl if we win out...

Anonymous said...

not that it really matters, but gameday will be in lubbock for the tt/texas game.

thought it was interesting that they chose that game over the cocktail party.

Anonymous said...

I saw on one of the BCS sites today that one of the predictions have us in the Orange Bowl playing FSU. I dont know how in the hell he got that but im just telling you what is out there.

I dont think Urban is even sleeping this week. He is worried about how we are going to walk all over his boy again this year and dance on his ass again (not in the endzone).

Will we be back to full speed with everybody on the field this week??

Everybody have fun this week and be careful going to J-town.


Anonymous said...

PWD, you forgot to add Auburn lost on Thursday, not part of the weekend, but it was this week's Thursday night game.

DawgWood said...

I'm glad Gameday is in Lubbock. When they are at our games, we have a tendency to lose.

Anonymous said...

Folks, Arizona State has officially quit.

They are now battling Washington and Washington State for the title of worst team to play in Division 1.

In other news...Vandy.

Anonymous said...

Sooo this was the big win everyone has been waiting for to match everyone else's wins. And we're still ranked 3 spots behind the Gaytors. We lose to the #2 team in the nation (got dominated of course) but UF still lost to Ole Miss.

I guess its not a horrible thing to be ranked below them going into the game tho, I suppose it helps us match the huge chip they will have on their shoulder (which the media has been eating up ALL year.)

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter. We're going to win out. By that time all the Big 12 teams will have sorted themselves out--three of them will be gone, maybe four, if Missouri gets a good matchup in the championship game and beats the team from the South.

Penn State and USC will be left. If we win the rest of our games, there's no way the computers will keep us behind USC. No one will have an argument; we'll have beaten Alabama to rectify that one loss, and USC will have beaten a far crappier schedule.

We just have to win.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't know what is good about Tech, Auburn, ASU, Vandy and company losing. ALL that does is hurt our strength of schedule. Beating a 10-1 Tech team sure as hell helps more than beating a 7-4 Tech team. Ditto for Auburn. It is all good to wish our rivals no good, but when it hurts our own chances in what could be a close vote, it is also not very smart. The SEC does not look very good right now with its OOC record against BCS teams. In fact, the ACC has a better record. I sure hope it doesn't come down to something like that.

Anonymous said...

"Meyer issues gag order concerning Georgia's 'Gator Stomp' celebration"

Anonymous said...

Folks, for those of you asking about why GameDay doesn't choose the cocktail party, its because the game is being broadcast on CBS.

Anonymous said...

Also the WLOCP is a neutral site and I think Gameday likes the campus atmosphere. Plus they never get to go to Lubbock. CBS might be a factor but they've been to CBS games before... I think it's just a total circumstances type thing.

I think it would have been better for UGA and America if the Buckeyes had won last night. OSU wouldn't get into the title game unless USC did, and then you'd have a rematch anyway. Plus a one-loss OSU team would be behind every other one-loss BCS team. Undefeated Penn State on the other hand is IN -- find a loss on their schedule, there isn't one unless they choke.

In addition to a Dawg win this weekend, I think we should hope for a Red Raider victory too. They have a lot more B12South minefields to go through; the best team Texas has left is Kansas.

I wanna believe that winning out and getting revenge on Bama is enough. But it'd be nice if some of the guys in our way made it easier.

And, SOS aside, it's never good for Tech to win. Even if we beat them, can you imagine if they'd won their conference this year and we didn't? We'd hear about that all year...


Ginger said...

wtf is the deal with ohio state and computers? how are they still 5th? maybe the site im looking at is wrong. i seriously hope so. i don't see how they can be ahead of penn st. and by that much. that is insanity.

DawgWood said...

Ohio State is #13

Hobnail_Boot said...

They're in Lubbock because the game is between two 8-0 teams and is in a location they have never been to before.

It's not because it's a CBS game or because they hate Georgia.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Oh, and Paul, BCS standings won't come out until tomorrow due to tonight's Tulsa/UCF game. Predictive models have us at #5 though.

Unknown said...

Ross - Hobnail is right.

Gameday SHOULD be at Lubbock. It's the best / biggest game in the country. #1 vs. 6 (AP) Is a bigger game than #5 vs. #8 every day of the week.

Anonymous said...

Why would GameDay (an ABC/ESPN property) go to a game that CBS is telecasting and promote it?

Brett said...

I could of sworn the BCS standing come out tonight on FOX on the OT, maybe im wrong, probably ha

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't EVER again, especially not after the multi-million dollar deal with the SEC, behind CBS's deal.

PWD and Hobnail are wrong on this one. It's called Marketing 101 folks.

There are 3 reasons why GameDay is in Lubbock:
1) That game is huge & they deserve it
3)#1 vs #6 in conference trumps us, legitimately so.

blackertai said...

Straight off the ESPN page. Thanks a bunch, idiots at ESPN. As usual, they have great memories when it comes to LSU/UGA games. Who won in 2005 again?

Unknown said...

5 of the 10 weeks have involved Gameday on site at a game with an SEC team in it.

DawgsRule -- ESPN's deal with the SEC is for $2.25 billion. CBS's deal is a fraction of that.

CBS will show 1 game a week on average.

ESPN will televise 3-5 per week next season.

Squarebush said...

New BCS is released:

Anonymous said...

PWD, you're missing the point & your information is irrelevant. ESPN will not broadcast GameDay Live from the site of CBS's marquee game! LOL - sorry you don't get that, but it's the truth. It would never make sense to do that.

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