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October 23, 2008

Barking on the Bayou

If you went to the 2003 game in Baton Rouge, you probably had a good time. LSU can be a fantastic place to be a visiting fan. But, given the correct conditions, it can also be a total hell hole. Back in 2003 it was just that for several Dawg fans. So bad was some of the fan behavior for that game that Skip Bertman, LSU's then AD, issued a letter to LSU season ticket holders about it. I quote, "There was no reason why a young Georgia man should have had to spend the entire game at the hospital after the port-o-let he was in was toppled and then he was punched when he emerged from the portable facility." Bertman went on to list several other incidents before, during, and after that game that he hoped would never be repeated.

Dawg fans didn't take those licks and forget them. In 2004, the UGA fans were at their obnoxious best, riling and inciting the swamp people in Athens. College football fans rarely turn the other cheek. Since that game, the LSU fans have found more reasons to hate Georgia, including the 2005 SEC championship game and Coach Richt having the audacity to lobby for a spot in last year's BCS bowl. I guess the LSU fans thought Richt should have told ESPN that he didn't care to speak when every other two-loss coach was lobbying for the same spot. How dare he?

Maybe it's not personal.  After all, tiger fans don't just hate us. Tennessee had their bus windows broken out by the LSU faithful in 2005.  Given that incident, one might assume that LSU fan just indiscriminately hates anything that is not LSU.  But, I think that assumption is misplaced.  LSU fan has it out for us this year.  I think they've had this one circled for a while, not just to pay us back from 2004, but to tell us how offended they were by our argument for the BCS game last year. 

So remember, LSU fan may want to stab you in the face.  Be prepared.  Break out the red pants and start barking.  If we're going to get harassed, let's earn it.



ChiliDawg said...

I had heard that story about the man in the toilet. A co-worker who went to Auburn said on one of his trips down to the bayou he was cussed a nine year old. I believe spitting was involved aslo.


Anonymous said...

Last year at the Alabama-LSU game, I was told by one corndog that Alabama fans would want to wear hardhats to the game in Death Valley because the LSU fans were planning on throwing rocks at us. Then after the game some LSU fans were hanging out with us and one of them offered to buy a case of beer for every person that went with him to buy it. He ended up buying about 10 cases of beer and then he and his friends came back to a frat house with us, partied all night, and were some of the coolest opposing fans I've ever met.

Anonymous said...

I'm heading down. I've hit up one of the LSU boards for more info and I've already been invited to a tailgate. I'm 7 rows behind the UGA bench on the 50. Can't wait!

Juan Solo said...

As I've told my fiance all week, you have to match LSU Fan's intensity to be respected. That is exactly what i will be doing here...

Anonymous said...

To somebody in Baton Rouge, people in Georgia and Tennessee are just yankees.

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