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October 9, 2008

Injury and Suspension Update

Ellerbe vs. Ok State (Image: Hiipple)

Georgia's Dannell Ellerbe (MLB) is definitely out for the Tennessee game. Rod Battle (DE) is 50/50, and Bruce Figgins (TE) will play. I'm not expecting many minutes from Rod Battle, but it'll be good to work him in for a few plays...hopefully.

The linebacker personnel grouping for the 2nd half of the Alabama game seemed to be Curran (WLB), Gamble (MLB) and Dent (SAM) from the 4-3 look. When we went to the 4-2-5, I think Curran and Dent were the LBs.

Speaking of injuries, getting Southerland (FB) back is positively enormous. Chapas isn't too shabby, but Brannan Southerland is one of the elite blocking fullbacks in the country. His ability to open holes in the running game and protect Stafford on passing downs is unmatched. Even the Vol's state run newspaper comments on the importance of Southerland's return.

On the suspension front, Richt has booted Donovan Baldwin (safety) and Walter Hill (WR) from the team. It sounds like both players simply struggled to do things the right way. Losing these two does virtually nothing to impact the outcome of the season as Baldwin has never cracked the two deep, and Hill has been hurt all season. It's a bummer for the kids, but it does open up scholarship space for the '09 recruiting class.

In the interest of "fair and balanced" reporting around suspensions. I should point out that the Vols suspended two offensive linemen for this game. They weren't going to impact the outcome of the game.



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, injuries tend to come in bunches which is exactly what we've experienced. Some guys will be back, some won't. Let's hope our men can close out strong and return as an absolute juggarnaut in '09.

AuditDawg said...

Per Coach Richt's interview this morning on 680 the Fan, Rod Battle will play for sure this weekend. Don't know if that's just coach speak, but it can't hurt to have another body in there on the D-line.

JasonC said...

I thought Figgins was gone for the season.

Anonymous said...


As I understand it, Figgins definitely needs surgery to repair his shoulder, but he can play in the Tennessee game and still be eligible for a medical redshirt. I expect him to have season-ending surgery after the Tennessee game.

C. Todd Davis said...

Given that I live in the Pacific NW, I do not get Dawg injury info. I am curious as to the scoop on Knowshon for this weekend as I hope to see in as I look on from inside the Sanford this weekend.

Anonymous said...


Richt/Ball/Moreno/Everybody Else say that Knowshon has been practicing well and will play without restrictions on Saturday...

bz said...

I am totally in the dark, or was Walter Hill's removal a surprise to anyone else? I feel like I only heard good things about him coming out of Spring, and he had been sidelined with injuries all season thus far. I never even suspected he might be kicked off the team.

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