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November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night I was in Athens for the UGA Women's Game vs. North Carolina Central University. When the Dawgs were up 69-8 mid-second half, my dad and I tried to split...but the driver (mom) would have no part of it.

Anyway, we saw it through to the bitter, glorious end. UGA won so big that Andy Landers played the walk-ons, trainers, score keepers and a couple of injured alumni just to keep the score to a more presentable 85-31. It's rare that you see a scoreboard show 69-8 and think, "It's really not that close."

After leading 4-2, the Lady Bulldogs embarked on 11-0, 20-0 and 14-0 runs before entering the locker room [at the half]. At the break, five different Georgia players had as many points individually as N.C. Central had as a team.
So today, I am thankful that I'm not a women's basketball game.

Happy Turkey Day to All.




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Anonymous said...

I'm also thankful for proofreaders.

Anonymous said...

This game is going to be wetter than Lindsay Lohan in a sorority house...

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