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November 24, 2008

Tech Wants It More? So What.

Georgia Tech hasn't beaten Georgia without Ralph Friedgen on the sidelines since 1984. The Yellow Jackets also haven't won against us without playing 10 or more documented ineligible players since 1990. (video: 2006 game from ugamummra)

The idea that Tech wants it more is laughable or irrelevant. Tech probably does want it more. Some would argue that they always want it more. In fact, for many of their fans it's the ONLY thing they want. And what has all of that wanting it gotten them since 1964?

If you're looking for intangibles, look to the pressure on the Yellow Jacket sideline. This game is as much mental block for them as our game with Florida. It is perhaps a larger mental barrier given the overwhelming emphasis that their fan base puts on this game.

How many times have you heard a Tech fan say, "I'd gladly go 1-10 as long as the one was to UGA." That's absolutely dumb.

You would be hard pressed to find a group of Yellow Jacket fans who honestly think that Tech could win the ACC Championship game the week following a loss to Georgia. So even if Tech were to backdoor the ACC Title Game with a UVA win over Virginia Tech, they would most certainly walk into a loss against Boston College or FSU...if they drop Saturday's game to the Dawgs.

And realistically, what Tech fan would care either way if they drop Saturday's game?

It is a fact that more Tech "fans" hate Georgia far more than they love Tech. So, I ask you....Can they handle the pressure?

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Anonymous said...

lol - this sounds just like what UNC fans say before the NC State game. Come to think of it, you UGA and UNC fans could get into serious over how many people shop at or work for Wal-Mart.

S.A.W.B. said...

Can the Yech players handle the pressure? I don't think they can. This game, above any other, has been beaten into their heads by their fanbase, so long and so loud, that the minute they hit the field at Sanford on Saturday, they'll piss themselves. Not that anyone in the stands will 'bee' able to notice...

Every year that Georgia wins to extend the drought, is another year of pressure where Yech can't come up with it in the end. At this point, the pressure has to be building in the Yech players like a big gulp in their guts while their stuck on the Northbound train out of Five Points...

Will said...

That 2006 game showcases the kind of power hits our defense needed all this year: Hits that make the receiver DROP that ball!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, he doesn't appreciate it. Watch out PWD he might point and stare. Then he might even talk in the 3rd person. Douche, the sound of Florida.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Will. There is an intensity on that defense that we haven't seen much of this year. It's noticeable. The question is, what's different? I don't think it's talent. I think our guys just aren't buying in/getting up for it like they once were. I think Bama and UF took the wind out of our motivational sails.

Unknown said...

The 06 wasn't intense until the last 3 games of the season.

And Meyer - when you show up and only talk smack, you get deleted. Don't like it...get your own blog.

Anonymous said...

I think when you have to pump young Jeezy and Soulja Boy into the stadium to get the defense amped it simply comes down to a lack of heart and pride.

Now, that we are the major program we wanted to be, we're recruiting NFL talent from across the country. The problem with that is that these kids, for the most part, who feel just as comfortable being a Florida Gator or an Ohio State Buckeye as being a Georgia Bulldog. They need a vehicle to get to the NFL and we can provide that.

David Pollack never needed Young Jeezy. He was doing jumping jacks in between snaps because it was his dream to be a Georgia Bulldog.

Bernie said...

And if they do back into the ACC Championship game they'll buy between 2 and 3 thousand tickets and complain that it's not in Atlanta.

Tech sucks!

Anonymous said...

PWD, you're exactly right. 08 Bama thru Auburn have looked a lot like 06 UT thru UK with regard to defensive intensity. But in 06 something clicked. Our guys bought in and started swarming. Same thing happened in JAX and beyond last season. What worries me this year is that our guys still haven't broken through. I don't know what it takes, but I tend to think it can be coached up or generated some way (even in guys that didn't dream their whole lives of playing at UGA).

Crane said...

Best Post Ever.

Anonymous said...

You're right. This game means everything to GT fans. There is nothing else. The whole season comes down to this one game.

You UGA fans can act like you're too cool to care about us, but that expression of hipster detachment is just a defense mechanism - you're hedging your feelings against the possibility of your losing this game.

Even when we have the same success against you that UF has, this game will still be the most important game. More than a national, conference, or divisional championship-clinching game, this is the one game that matters, now and forever.

You can sneer at that and dismiss me all you want, but you can't stop what's coming.

NCT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NCT said...

new england jacket, I think you're missing the point. Of course this is a huge rivarly game for us UGA fans. But there is a marked difference between the level of intensity. Most Tech fans place significantly more importance on this game than Georgia fans. Hatred of UGA is indoctrinated into Tech fans in a way we don't try to match. I must say, though, that this institutionalized hatred, when coupled with the sort of person the typical Tech sports fan is, makes for extra special joy when Tech loses.

And did you just predict that Tech would eventually have the same success against Georgia that Florida has had recently? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

The thing is, Georgia fans know we might lose the game any given year, but we'll most likely win 7 out of 10 over time, as we've done historically. Living out of state and understanding just how irrelevant Tech is nationally, I'd rank them way down on our list of rivals, and really would prefer dropping them for FSU or someone else.

Muckbeast said...

Dropping them for FSU?

Are you crazy?

Yes, UT, Auburn, and Florida are more "important" games. Yes, Florida and UT have felt like much bigger rivals for a while now.

But this is Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate. This is an extremely important rivalry!

Anonymous said...

Meyer- you are one of those classy Gator fans, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Im a Tech fan.
And I will admit, that THIS year, beating UGA is more important because we want to snap the streak, and also we feel like we have a brand new slate with our new coach. We want this new beginning to start off with a win Saturday. If we were to beat you guys this year, then next year beating you guys wouldnt be as important as it is this year.

And Ive heard many people say that Tech has the mental black against UGA. But that doesnt exist anymore. Not with this coach. This young team is confident, clutch and poised. I dont know what Paul Johnson has done, but those boys attitudes and mindsets are totally different than years before. Expect Paul Johsnon and those players to attempt to beat you guys by 3 touchdowns. Im not joking when I say that. Years before, Gailey simply wanted to beat people. He didnt care by how many points. This team looks to humiliate people. Ask MSU, ask Miami, ask FSU before Nesbitt got hurt.

Anonymous said...

Ask North Carolina. Shut up nerd.

Where will you be after the game? Back to trying to tell me you're going to be my boss some day.

What a joke.


Anonymous said...

Hunkering Hank,

First off, if you saw the UNC game, you will know that will put up well over 400+ yards on them. You will also know that our O-Line was down to our 4th string because of injuries. Josh Nesbitt was also hurt from the FSU game before. The game was a lot closer than the score appeared. It was 7-0 going into the fourth qtr. We had two fumbles off of punts. Thats besides the point, they still couldnt stop our offense. And UGA's defense will fold just as well.

1) Your defensive players dont have heart, except that CurraN KID. I THINK EVEN YOU CAN AGREE WITH THAT. If you disagree, then you'r eonly lying to yourself.

2) Your team does not play good assignment football.

3)You guys have been poor at tackling.

If all this continues to happen on Saturday, then I want have to crack the same old "Im gonna be your boss" joke!

Anonymous said...

First off, Georgia Tech will never have the same success against Georgia that Florida has had. That's just not in the equation. It's a laughable comment, really. 7. We're at 7 now.

Quality comments from all around on our defensive problems. No comment, however, from the Tech faithful on how they plan on keeping Georgia off the scoreboard. Tech's defense is not Auburn's. Or Bama's. Or Florida's. It's good, but it's not bad ass good.

This game may, contrary to recent history, be a scorefest. Georgia can score with Tech all day long. What's going to tip the scales are Tech's turnovers and Georgia's penalties. If Georgia plays penalty free on offense and Tech doesn't turn it over, then last team with the ball wins.

Intangibles? Georgia is pretty damn good coming off a bye week and, well, Richt has never lost to Tech. Paul Johnson has never beat Georgia. And Georgia in '08 - for as disappointing as we are - is not Notre Dame '07.

I'll take the 8.5 points, but Georgia straight up.

Anonymous said...

"beaten" Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Poopeagle,

What is the difference between a spider and an UGA coed?

A spider has eight hairy legs.


Anonymous said...

i miss having a defense....

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