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January 9, 2009

Oh well...

OU was two interceptions and one 250 lb quarterback away from winning that game. The two interceptions by Florida were as good / lucky a play as you can make, and OU's inability to punch it from 1 yard out...a problem UF doesn't struggle with....were the difference.

It wasn't the SEC's speed that sealed it. It was Megatron QB and great bounces. Oh...and the OU defense...there was nothing wrong with it. They held Florida to their lowest scoring output since the LSU 2007.

With the national title, hopefully Tebow goes pro. That's the only positive I can draw from this.

My cup of hate runneth over.



Mr. Bulldawg said...

Screw the Gators.

S.A.W.B. said...

get the delete-stick ready for the torrent of gator 'commentary' today...

Anonymous said...

I hate the Gators sooooo much, but i must say.....I envy their success. :(

Anonymous said...

Prepare for the jort-wearing zombie army to emerge. Let it be said that I warned Georgia fans against this lunacy and that I foretold of the coming apocalypse.

Prepare for battle against the invading undead armies from Gainesville. Tonight, Urban Meyer rides into Georgia clad in a spiked codpiece upon a fire-breathing unicorn. Pay close attention and you can see Timmy Tebow sitting behind him on that flaming steed (clutching Urbans midsection in an uncomfortable, yet familiar way)

For the love of all that is holy, hide the women and children.

Anonymous said...

like it or lump it, 2 national titles in 3 years is SICK.

why do good things happen to such BAD BAD people (not referring to timmy, referring to meyer, spikes, and every asshat i've come across in jax with jean shorts and mesh jerseys).

this is the decade of the gators folks, now watch them win the college world series . . .

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I have ever been as riled up about a game that didn't involve the Dawgs, but my blood was boiling as I watched this game. Listening to other SEC fans from UT or Bama or LSU cheer for UF, makes me sick. Them winning this game does not do any good for the conference. Period. UT or UGA or Auburn are not going to get better recruits b/c the baby Rhino Jesus and Urbs won again. Vandy & Ole Miss winning is good for the conference, this is good for just UF. Whether or not the SEC was down this year, we have the best TV deals, some of the best endorsements/facilities, and the most rabid fans. Florida winning another title isn't going to change that. A plague upon the house of any SEC fan who pulls for UF.

Anonymous said...

although for some reason the one 2 years ago bothered me more. why? is it because i'm kicking 40 in the ass? why doesn't this one bring out the hatred that the other 4 did? (ie--spurrier's title, meyer's first title and the 2 tournament championships). have i reached apathy? gawd i hope not.

Anonymous said...

SEC speed? Don't you mean Florida speed? Don't pretend that any team in the SEC is even close to Florida in terms of speed.

Also, the game was a complete joke. Very sloppy. Oklahoma's defense held Florida to its lowest point total all year (yes, they played better than any SEC defense). That said, Oklahoma's defense isn't even close to USC's.

Until an SEC team beats USC it's all just talk.

Florida Gators 2008 National Champions? Yeah, if not playing the best team in the country qualifies you as a champion...I guess.

Anonymous said...

Tebow will be back next year and Florida will get another SECC and MNC. The gap between UGA and Florida has never been wider. And Willie Martinez is still our DC.

2009 is going to be another long year.

Anonymous said...

PWD- Shebow isn't going anywhere. No way the NFL drafts him in an early enough round to warrant him leaving and maybe not as a QB altogether even. Shebow stays, Harvin and Spikes leave. Fla begins the year ranked # 1 in all likelihood. I don't really like Barnhart or any of his blase "journalistic" spiels but I do agree with most of his early '09prognotications. Fla, TX, USC, OK to comprise the top of the polls. GA between 10-15 to begin with. I don't think Tech will be as strong as he thinks however. We have to get used to the Gay-tors yet again for next year unfortunately. There is not a more disgusting sight than Shebow jumping for joy late in that game. I hope he enjoys his final year next year with the gaytors. His new life as a FB or TE will begin in '10.

DLorberbaum said...

Isn't our current trend that we beat the previous year's national champion? Example, beating Florida in 2007 and beating LSU in 2008. So maybe in 2009 we beat Florida again. At least that is something positive to hope for, right?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Tebow. Dude deserved everything he got last night. You can still hate a team and respect a player. I'm glad he has another title than that fucking douche Bradford.

the tri guy said...

The gap between UF and UGA was bigger in the mid-90's, it just feels larger now b/c UF has become a public relations machine. With Erin Andrews, Jessie Palmer, and I suspect in 2010 Steve Spurrier all working for ESPN, Florida football is becoming Duke basketball. Urban won't have to recruit anymore; the worldwide leader will do it for him.

There is a growing double standard with UF, and until some coach has the balls to tell it like it is (much like Spurrier did with Bowden and the late hits) it's going to get worse. But the personal fouls UF's defense gets away with beats anything I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Worst. Season. Ever.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that even if we had beaten Bama and Tech we STILL would have had to endure this crap. MEMO to CMR: Beating the Gators MUST be our Number One Priority EVERY YEAR.

Anonymous said...

your an idiot. tebow is the douche here not bradford. even if the fact that he plays for florida isnt enough for you to hate him heres more:

has bradford ever kissed his roomate on the sidelines of a game? no, tebow has.

has bradford circumsised little boys(God honest truth) in the phillipines? no, tebow has.

has bradford ever jumped around like a bafoon whenever he makes a half decent play? no, tebow has and does. bradford celebrates with his teamates like a kid with class should.

my point? tebow is a queer and he plays for florida.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:30am

Jealous much? If only we had a leader like Tebow that our players could follow we might have been where they were last night.

To anon at 9:38.
Maybe if USC would quit stumping its toes on the Stanfords,UCLAs and Oregon States of the world they would get a chance. Until then, enjoy your yearly game with the Little 10 champ at the GRAND DADDY of them all.

JasonC said...

Here's to hoping Harvin is a greedy b@st@rd.

Trey said...

My problem with Tebow is that he makes sure everyone knows how good of a person he is. Be a good person, but do it in a manner that does not bring attention to yourself. Be like Warrick Dunn or Mark Richt or Tony Dungy. All are class acts who make their faith their number one priority, but who do things behind the scenes without much fanfare. Trumpeting your deeds is shallow and self-serving, and completely diminishes everything you are trying to accomplish by doing good in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The Fox guys' ass-kissing of Tebow last night was disgraceful; I needed a shower afterwards. Apparently, Jean Short Jesus just walked on water down to Miami instead of taking the team bus.

Tebow's a good player; no one's denying that. But he ain't Spartacus, and even Tom Brady would have found this media fawning over the top.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:49

So SC has to go undefeated but Florida can lose to a 4 loss team AT HOME. Ok.

Also, the PAC 10 went 5-0 this year in bowl games.

Anonymous said...

the tri guy....great post.

I've been saying for the longest time that Florida has been the media's new Notre Dame.

Anonymous said...

Tebow is an amazing jump-passer. I hope he gets drafted #1 in the Arena Jump Passing League. Or he could maybe play with Pop Warner in the single wing. He's the new Jim Thorpe!!!

Please, PWD, can't I swear a little bit??? Just a little...

Faulkner said...

Anon 11:11

The fact that the PAC-10 only put 5 into the bowl games should tell you everything. It must be nice to play all your bowl games on your home field. I can't think of any other team that has that luxury.

Dubbayoo said...

I have to admit I'm a UGA fan first and an SEC fan second. I want the SEC to national champions every year. It grates my teeth when it's Florida BADLY but I still enjoy watching an SEC team lay a beatdown on a Big Ten/Big 12 conference team. I was 99% sure UF would come out on top. I was 100% OU wouldn't score more than 24 points and I was 90% UF would score more than that.

We could field a Big 12 defense just from the guys that read this blog.

I also agree that Tebow stays and hopefully the others leave.

Anonymous said...


That is half of the conference and they ALL won. We also play everyone in our conference every year. Something the SEC does not. We all play meaningful OOC games anywhere in the country, again something the SEC does not.

You can pat yourselves on the back all you like but the SEC is not very impressive to USC fans. Sorry, it just isn't.

Anonymous said...

Dubbayoo I suggest you ask Damon Evans if he can get LSU and Florida championship flags to fly over Sanford next year since another SEC team won the MNC. I'd pull for the University of Satan before I'll pull for Florida.

Anonymous said...

"We also play everyone in our conference every year"....teams that include Washington and Washington State? Yeah that's real tough.

The Realist- I couldn't have said it better myself. THAT'S the thing that kills me about Tebow. It's one thing to be a good person and do good things but when you have to let everyone know about it, it completely loses its its meaning. There's a verse in the bible somewhere that talks about doing good deeds in private so as not to bring attenention to yourself. I wonder if Tebow has read it. On another note, Harvin and Spikes are gone. Harvin was one tackle away from a career-ending injury last night. I think he understands that he needs to go and go now. I also think Tebow has a good chance of coming out. I mean, if he was staying, wouldn't he have announced it all emotionally last night after the game? Wishful thinking I guess...

Unknown said...

RE: Profanity

I cussed enough last night for all of us. I just didn't type it for my dad to read it here. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Tebow is a great college player. I find it funny that people hate him; if he were the UGA QB everyone here would love him and think he is the greatest thing.

Do UGA fans get upset with Knowshon when he jumps around after every big play?

The kid is a winner, a flat out winner. Florida had some incredible teams in the 90s, but they never had a leader like this.

OU's defense was pretty darn good last night. Just about everyone had this game ending with both teams in the 30s or even the 40s. It did cross my mind that it could be low scoring (ever see those games that are supposed to be low scoring and end up as shoot outs?). I expect Brent Venables stock to rise, and I really hope someone gives Charlie Strong a HC job. Aside from Norm Chow, I cannot think of a coordinator whose performance on the field shows he deserves to be a HC more than Strong.

I would call helping with the circumcision a good thing, not a bad thing. I guess the teenagers are getting on the board (calling someone a "queer" is really embarrassing--I truly hope you never attended UGA as your comments embarrass this UGA graduate).

As for the NFL, I think all these experts cannot get past that Tebow runs the ball. I guess they miss that he completes a lot of passes and throws them downfield. Maybe he does not have Stafford's arm (but then few do and Joe Montana did not).

I think Tebow will stay only because I think he really loves college football. I get the sense that Tebow gets it in that football is not his whole life. There is something to be said for the perspective his mission work has given him. Whereas most college players outside of BYU have never traveled outside the US. The poor in the US are rich by world standards BTW. I also think so many college athletes think they will be pro athletes.

However, I think he should go (and not for the reasons that it will help UGA because UF has been beating UGA with lesser QBs). My argument is that he probably is not going to get any better as a college QB unless UF hires a former NFL QB coach (and I do not think they even have QB coaches anymore). What is he going to learn from Meyer and company? Is he going to improve at reading pro defenses (well maybe a little since he will play UT next year). If he goes this year, he will have a chance to go to a team that will not be god awful--Stafford is going to be on a bad, bad team unless there is a trade and I do not see anyone trading all that far up to take him. If he goes he starts to learn the NFL game and continues his development from professionals. He can learn from a starting NFL QB. Few NFL starting QBs are going to fear him taking there jobs so they are going to be open to teaching him. The coaching he will get and the unlimited time to work on his game will aid him greatly.

As for being an NFL QB, I think it will take a good match and also an NFL coach who looks at Tebow and figures a way to use his skills. The problem there is that the NFL coaches seem to lose their balls at some point. The lack of imagination is shocking. How shocked was the NFL (and its watchers) at the Wildcat formation? Wow, the ball is directly snapped to the running back! Such creativity. College is where the creativity exists. I know that it would be dangerous to have a QB run the ball much so I do not expect an option or spread option, but mobility is great (see Steve Young).

However, I wonder how Tebow's strength--his leadership and fire---will play in the NFL. The season is so long (training camps, pre-season games, being out of the play off hunt in early October, etc) that I wonder if a rah-rah guy would just wear on a 30 year old offensive lineman with 9 years in the league. In college, there is a certain level of love of college and teammates, etc, but in the NFL I suspect there is less of that. I doubt many players hold their NFL team in the same place in their heart as they do their college team (side note: why do some NFL players during introductions on MNF state their high school and not their college?).

Is Tebow going to improve his draft stock that much next year? I suspect the same biases will be there and unless UF changes its offense to a more pro style, I cannot see him improving in the eyes of supposed experts like Mel Kiper or Todd McShay (if they are so smart how about taking over as GM of the Lions?).

I will probably be banned for such treason as admitting that Tebow is a great college player, so be it. I have no right to post here anyway.

Take care and I hope UGA continues its domination over defending national champions!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Only one thing left to say:


Dubbayoo said...

Anonymous with the obvious West Coast bias:

I've been living in L.A. for the last ten years. I see a lot of PAC-10 games. USC and Oregon are the only capable of running with the SEC big boys. Your Oregon State is our Auburn.

EVERY year USC loses a game to a tem they have no business losing to, just like UGA does. Oregon State this year. Stanford last year. UCLA the year before that. Nobody has more talent than USC. The FACT is that given the talent USC has year in/year out they are arguably one of the most disappointing teams in the country. They should have had the BCS on lockdown for 5-6 years running.

Oh yeah, I've been watching Mark Sanchez play since high school at Mission Viejo. He had a loaded team then too. Put him on a team that didn't have 30 future NFL players on it and he's Stephen Garcia of Spurrier's USC.

Anonymous said...


That is half of the conference and they ALL won. We also play everyone in our conference every year. Something the SEC does not. We all play meaningful OOC games anywhere in the country, again something the SEC does not.

You can pat yourselves on the back all you like but the SEC is not very impressive to USC fans. Sorry, it just isn't.

END Quote

Florida plays FSU every year and Miami in many years. I would say those are comparable to any pair of OOC opponents that USC or anyone else plays. Actually right now better since Notre Dame has not been meaningful very often in the past 2 decades.

I wish the SEC had added another conference game when the schedules expanded. I would have preferred adding an SEC West team to playing Central Michigan.

It would be challenging for the SEC to play everyone.

I am still curious about why a loss at Oregon State is worse than a loss to Ole Miss at home. Oregon State had a bad bowl game without one of its star running backs. Ole Miss had a great bowl game against a team I think was just not there mentally.

The Pac 10 only qualified 5 teams; the SEC qualified 8 teams. The SEC actually won more bowl games. The Pac 10 was 1-5 against the Mountain West (the lone win was in a bowl game).

I think USC is an amazing team. I think they have an argument this year. The SEC was down a bit this year, but still stronger than the Pac 10 IMHO.

Not that any of this is going to make a difference. But heck I am off today so what the heck!

Faulkner said...

Anon 11:11

If it makes yourself feel better, then go with it.

The bottom line is that USC has the whole SW to themselves in recruiting.
If they had to compete with 4-5 top tier programs in the same region for the same kids, would they be as talented?

You may play everyone on your schedule, but we have a conference championship which in my mind is a harder gauntlet.

Your OC schedule is nothing to scream about either. You beat an OSU team at home with no wells or TP at QB. ND has been a shadow of itself for over a decade. Washington and Wash State might as well be Div-2A. You beat a Penn State team that got beat by an Iowa team that was the only Big 10 team to win a bowl game.
The PAC 10 played in bowls that felt like they were on 2 weeks before Christmas.

Saying all that, we all know USC is a really good team, just don't come around here acting like the title should be theirs for showing up.

Anonymous said...

USC has been ranked in the top 4 at the end of the season for 7 straight years.

No SEC team comes close to that.

I realize that the SEC is a great conference. It just gets tiresome to hear the SEC claim that they have the best team every year when Trojan fans know that they never played the best.

When was the last time an SEC team beat USC?

Dubbayoo said...

Anon @ 2:43, You only have the Rose Bowl Committee to blame for that. USC could have and should have played UGA in the 2008 Rose Bowl since the PAC-10 champ was in the BCS title game. But NO! They chose to invite a hapless Illinois team for a meaningless game while UGA was left to send the other QB named Colt back to football reality.

Anonymous said...


Amen to that...I couldn't agree more.

SC always wants to play the best competition possible. The Rose Bowl has become a farce. I'd love to the SEC teams schedule SC on a regular basis. Doesn't even have to be home and home. We'd more than happy to come to you.

Anonymous said...

What do the University of Oklahoma and Marijuana have in common?

They both get smoked in bowls....

Dubbayoo said...

I have a lot of respect for USC. They are basically L.A.'s pro football team. I just don't have any respect for the teams they beat on the way to whatever ranking they get.

When you play in a strong conference I don't have a problem with scheduling some OOC patsies, although Tech is far from a patsy. If you don't (can ya hear me, Utah?) it behooves you to schedule the most difficult OOC games you can find.

Anonymous said...


Come on. SC will play anyone.

I'm interested who do you think UGA compares to in the Pac 10?

I know that the PAC 10 gets no respect and that's fine but SC more than deserves the rankings they've gotten.

Anonymous said...

To whoever defended USC by saying that the PAC 10 had a 5-0 bowl record this year:

Uhhh...really? Only five bowl eligible teams in the vaunted PAC 1 uhh I mean PAC 10? Wow. That's the fewest of all the BCS conferences, last I checked. Hell, even Conference USA had more.

So while USC is unquestionably a good team, they aren't going to get as much credit as they might otherwise get if they played in a real conference.

Anonymous said...

Suprised no one has mentioned this to the PAC 10 dude, but, uh, didn't we play -- and absolutely smoke -- a "tough" PAC 10 team this year? On their home turf? When they were considered a hot commodity and the popular pick to pull the upset against the "overrated" SEC team?

Thought so. Just checking.

We might not have finished the year as we wanted when we got started, but we do have some lovely little memories. Like Phoenix. And Baton Rouge.

Faulkner said...

Not to mention UGA's OC schedule opens with Okie State and ends with tech. Each will be top 20 starting the year if I have my info right.

In regards to USC fans and how they know they are the best, you had a NC game on your home field and lost. Your only championship came by kicking OU in the nuts years ago.
I remember Leinart saying after the Texas game how even though they lost, they were still the better team. What an ass. Y'all must all be drinking the same water. It's easy to guarantee that you will kick everyone's ass when you don't have to play them and actually do it.

Oklahoma had the greatest offense EVER! Sure didn't help much last night.

Muckbeast said...

USC plays a home game in the Rose Bowl every damn year.

USC Fans: stop complaining that these other teams don't play you. Give up your little Rose Bowl pacifier and then things can mix up a bit.

Muckbeast - Game Design and Online Worlds

Anonymous said...

Again, SC fans would love to break the Rose Bowl tie in. We'd love to play in the Sugar or Fiesta bowls. SC doesn't duck anyone, ever. Also, we would be more than happy to come to Athens anytime.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:20

ASU finished 6th in the Pac 10 and with a losing record.

I see UGA more as an Arizona. Usually has decent talent but can't compete with the best in the conference on a yearly basis.

Muckbeast said...

I don't think SC deliberately ducks anyone, but the painful bowl tie in system is ruinous for everyone.

It may not be SC's fault that their schedule strength is crap, but the facts are the facts. Blame Charlie Weis. If Notre Dame didn't suck, I bet SC plays for the national title this year (and maybe wins it).

Muckbeast - Game Design and Online Worlds

Anonymous said...


Do you honestly think SC would have a problem competing in the SEC east or west for that matter?

Faulkner said...

No, USC would do well, maybe even win the conference. However, USC would be a different team if it was in the SEC. You would not be getting the recruits you get now.

Anonymous said...

USC gets the best players from all over the nation...not just L.A. or the west. They are hand picked. Where do you think McKnight comes from?

There is no better recruiter in the nation than Pete Carroll. In fact, I think the SEC wouldn't be nearly as good or competitive if SC was in it. SC would hoard the best players in the area leaving teams like UGA with even less talent.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:41:

You're wrecking your own argument, dude, by confirming what we are all saying.

USC DOES get the best talent year-after-year, and Carroll is an amazing recruiter. Why then -- with more talent than all nine other PAC-10 teams put together -- can't it ever seal the deal?

I realize that that may seem trifling from someone whose team last won a MNC in 1980, but c'mon, you guys should have had four or five BCS titles with all that talent. Not one. Got to question the underacheivement.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they've underacheived at all. Again, they've been ranked in the top 4 for seven straight the end of the year. You base that assumption on your perception of the Pac 10, which frankly is an ignorant perception.

The SEC teams can claim all the mythical BCS, National championships they want. Until they play the big boys it means nothing.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:49

You are incorrect. SC does have a BCS Title. They also have an AP National Championship as well.

So typical of SEC fans not to know anything about college football outside of their own conference.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:35 & 9:37:

Yes, and so typical of PAC-10 fans not to be able to read a written passage correctly. I did acknowledge USC's 1 BCS title. For your ease of understanding, maybe I should have said "Not just one."

Try at least playing in a BCS game and then we'll talk. Until then, the "mythical BCS" title belongs in the Big Boy conference, winner of the last 3. And USC must be considered a now-chronic underacheiver that can't even make it out of its own conference. Close the deal, whiners.

As for the "ignorant perceptions," the bright side of your argument from my perspective is that the legacy of one of my favorite teams has now been justified. Using your logic of "well, we finish in the top 4 more consistently than anybody else, so we must be better than anybody else" -- my beloved Atlanta Braves of the 1990s-2005 can now truly be seen as the greatest baseball team of all-time. Nevermind that they only have 1 World Series Championship. They are truly the best, nevermind the "mythical" titles. Yahoo!

Anonymous said...

Again, UNTIL THE SEC beats a real team the Championships are a joke.

I've heard alot of Florida fans calling out Utah..saying Utah should play Florida next year in a kickoff classice. Funny how I haven't heard those same fans calling out SC.

Anonymous said...

And until that "real team" -- with all those yummy recruits and glitzy glam -- can actually stumble its way into a championship game, I guess we'll never know. Til then, they're still just a "top 4" team. No real shame in that, unless your fans act all d'baggy about it on other conferences' and other teams' blogs.

Ok, pal, we agree to disagree. Maybe we can at least agree about the rankness of the Big 10 and ACC.

Here's hoping the good bowl records of the PAC-10 and SEC this year foreshadows an actual showdown of the champs of those conferences in the BCS next year.

Anonymous said...

Rooting for your conference is for losers. SC can play with anyone in the country. What conference they happen to play in is irrelevant.

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