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January 12, 2009

Stay Classy, Gainesville: Miami Edition

Received via third-hand email: "My friend saw this girl squatting near his tailgate for the [national championship] game [Thursday] night and thought she was just pissing until she stood up and came over to talk to them. That's when they noticed..."

Update: Yeah...we had our fun. So I killed the pic. I feel a little bad that her sorority letters make it pretty easy to figure out who she is. I didn't notice that originally. Dawgnoxious blacked out the face to protect her ID a bit. But hell, she's wearing her letters.

I'm pretty sure that dropping your gators off at the pool while rocking your sorority letters will put you in deep doo doo. So I feel a little bad about it. As for the question of was it a bad call to post the pic originally...I'd say the real bad call was consuming that last beer. I had my fun. I'm moving on. I still say that potty humor regarding Gators is within this blog's core business, but the extremely large version of the pic was probably a bit much on the graphic side.
-- PWD

Bureau Chief, Trashy Gator Investigations
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