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March 23, 2009

UGA Ranked #1 in three Baseball Polls

UGA vs. Nerds on Wednesday! (Image: gave us the heads up that the Georgia Bulldogs are ranked #1 again. Since their story ran a third baseball poll has put UGA at #1.*


College Baseball


1. Georgia
1. Georgia
1. Georgia
2. Arizona State
2. Cal St. - Fullerton
2. Miami (Fla.)
3. Cal St. - Fullerton
3. Georgia Tech
3. Georgia Tech
4. Miami (Fla.)
4. LSU
4. Cal St. Fullerton
5. LSU
5. UNC
5. UNC
Others of Note

7. Georgia Tech
9. Arkansas
7. LSU
10. Arkansas
14. Ole Miss
14. Ole Miss
16. Mississippi
22. Clemson
16. Arkansas
20. Clemson
23. Florida
20. Clemson
26. Florida
26. Alabama
23. Florida
28. Alabama
28. S. Carolina
27. Alabama

Jim Harrick once said (paraphrase) that college basketball polls only have value in so much as they determine which teams have their highlights featured on ESPN SportsCenter and their recaps in every national paper.

College baseball polls mean even less because the World Wide Leader doesn't cover the sport until the post-season.

Various RPI-style ratings determine the NCAA Post-Season. With that in mind, Warren Nolan says the Dawgs currently have the #24 RPI. That rating could skyrocket after games with Tech, Tennessee (3), Clemson (2), and LSU (3) over the next two weeks.

On Wednesday, UGA plays at Tech (7:00 pm). I think the game will be carried by CSS in Atlanta.

This team is extremely fun to watch. They play 3-5 freshman per game so their bound to have some stumbles along the way, but the is a team worth watching. We'll know what type of team we have very soon.

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*Baseball America has the Dawgs at #6. But three out of four is good enough.


Andy said...

Is it Wednesday yet? Waiting. . .

MikeInValdosta said...

Memo to the next basketball coach:

The state of Georgia has talent! Recruit it and you will win.

Anonymous said...

you think there is any trouble getting tickets for Wednesday?

Anonymous said...

try online on the GT website to be safe. I got mine 2 weeks ago, anticipating a big game.

Anonymous said...

is there a specific place road team fans sit? 3rd base side?

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that Baseball America does not have us ranked #1 and one of the their big editors is UGA alum Jim Callis.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no reason that UGA and GT, yes GT, could have teams like this in Basketball too.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the NERDS get smashed by Baseball Powerhouse Georgia State on Tuesday night 10-1

Unknown said...

Psst - Anon,

we lost to Wright State tonight 8-5.

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