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April 16, 2009

SEC Football on TV in 2009: CBS speaks....

David Paschall of the Chattanooga Times-Free Press interviewed CBS executive vice president Mike Aresco about the network's plans for televising SEC football games in 2009.

The article mentions that CBS will televise every UGA vs. Florida game for the next 15 years. The SEC and the schools agreed to this in order to avoid playing the Cocktail Party at night.

Also interesting:
CBS has two doubleheaders and will use them Oct. 10 and Nov. 14. The network gets the first two picks Oct. 10 — Aresco labels the Florida-LSU game a “99 percenter” for prime time — and has the first and third or fourth pick Nov. 14.
Based on that info and the projections included in the article, I'd put our estimated TV schedule for 2009 as:

Sept. 5
at Oklahoma St.
Sept. 12
vs. South Carolina
Sept. 19
at Arkansas
Sept. 26
vs. Arizona State*
Oct. 3
vs. LSU
Oct. 10
at Tennessee**
Oct. 17
at Vanderbilt
ESPN Regional
Oct. 24

Oct. 31
vs. Florida (Jax)
Nov. 7
vs. Tenn. Tech
Nov. 14
vs. Auburn***
Nov. 21
vs. Kentucky
Nov. 28
at Georgia Tech

When the games get confirmed, I'll update this chart.
    * ASU at UGA - Could be a night game if ESPN prefers Ole Miss at South Carolina; however, I'd wager that CBS would like a cross regional game.

    ** UGA at UT - I agree with Paschall. Bama vs. Ole Miss and LSU vs. UF will be bigger CBS games.

    *** AU at UGA - If ESPN were to take Tennessee at Ole Miss with the second pick of the day (after UF vs. SC), we would fall to CBS's noon slot for this double header.
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Trey said...

Noonish in Nashville is going to come awfully early.

Auburn at night? Yes, please.
South Carolina at twilight? Ditto.

mitch said...

So with Raycom gone(Thank god) as far as we go are we looking at more night games in athens? What time are these ESPNU games going to be?

Anonymous said...

cant believe we lost Jones to disappointing

Anonymous said...

I havent been able to confirm this, but I heard have after back to back night games in 07 against Ok St and SC, that the ACC police had an agreement with the University for only 1 night game a year. Appearantly the Athens police thought it was too hard to police Athens for a night game (even though other schools do it all the time).

Anonymous said...

that's a lot more night games than our usual yearly slate...

Hobnail_Boot said...

Television has a lot more pull than the ACCPD.

Anonymous said...

If there are 2 twilight games and 1 night game, that would be the same as 2005 (Boise, SC and Auburn).

The old agreement as I understood it between UGA and the ACCPD is that there would only be one night game. Meaning a game starting after 6:00 pm.

Thus, the 5:45 starts. ;-)

Anonymous said...

And that "agreement" goes way back beyond 2007. Add about another decade and you'll get closer to the real date.

Anonymous said...

ESPNU game times haven't been announced, but they were described as one primetime game per week.

watcher16 said...

Other schools can handle it b/c their PDs aren't run by a bunch of Barney Fifes that look to ticket for every jaywalker out there...

rickdog said...

From what I've read, the Raycom games will be replace with something called ESPN Regional, which will essentially be the next in the line of Raycom/JP/LF (same games, same times, same stations, hopefully better quality). All other conference games (and perhaps some non-conf) will be televised on ESPNU. ESPN wants to put those games in primetime, but I don't know if that's been finalized.

todd said...

Does this mean I'm going to have to upgrade my DirectTV package so that I can get ESPNU and the ESPN regional coverage?

Me thinks it does.

Anonymous said...

More night games.

The old gentlemens agreement about one a year is out the window.

The only thing that may keep it in place is redefining night as after 7.

the espn money talks.

all school said...

I believe the original agreement goes back to the late 70s, and was between former Mayor Carmine DePesto and Dean Vernon Woermer. There was a bit of a problem with the homecoming parade that year, if I recall correctly, however.

MikeInValdosta said...

Personally, I love the night games, although I wouldn't mind ASU being a 1pm start for the humidity.

There have been various agreements over night games, but Dooley just plain didn't like'em and thought it unfair to those below the gnat line.

To be fair, all of the ACC servers and protectors are not named Barney. There are a few named Enus.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify something. If ESPN runs things like they have in the past, there is no channel called "ESPN Regional." Rather, ESPN provides the content (game coverage) and syndicates it out to local stations. Same as with JP/Raycom/Lincoln Financial. (ESPN has provided football and basketball games for years in the Big East area and Big 10 area (pre-Big 10 channel) in this fashion.)

And who knows, maybe the 3 Daves will be the announcers.

Anonymous said...

Correct. There is no station called ESPN Regional.

It'll likely be the same stations that aired JP/LF/Raycom games.

Carter said...

A note regarding ESPN:

On most cable/ satellite providers, ESPNU is only available via subscribing to an upgraded premium sports tier.

However, ESPN is currently negotiating w/ providers to switch-out ESPN Classic for ESPNU, which would make it available on most basic cable/ satellite plans.

Paul said...

DirecTV includes the U in the sports package... which if you aren't getting that during the football season at least... well, I do and it's great because when I get home from the Georgia game, I can count on a 10 pm Pac10 snoozer to lull me to sleep on Fox West or Northwest or LA or whatever.

William Neilson Jr. said...

So, judging by your post, Paul...our game vs South Carolina will decide whether we play on CBS the next weekend?

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