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April 27, 2009

UGA Day 2 Draft Stuff and Free Agent Signings

You probably have already read about Corvey Irvin, Asher Allen and Jarius Wynn getting drafted, and the Athens Banner Herald also reports that Dannell Ellerbe, Brannan Southerland, Demiko Goodman and Kenneth Harris also signed free agent contracts.

Two non-Dawgs who fell dramatically in the draft really shocked me...James Davis of Clemson going in Round 6 to the Browns, and Ricky Jean-Francois of LSU going in Round 7 to the 49ers.

What shocked you the most on draft day?

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Anonymous said...

With the 7th pick of the 2009 NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders select...'nuff said.

drunk dawg said...

Dawg-wise it shocked me that in a WEAK weak weak safety class CJ Byrd didn't get drafted late.

Otherwise my biggest surprise is Michael Johnson going in round 3. I remember when the hype was he was a top 15 pick whenever he decided to come out. Not so much.

Smitty said...

I'm sure Michael Irvin gave Asher some fantastic advice!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dannell is going to get to learn under Ray Lewis. What a great opportunity for him to grow and learn. I hope that he can stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

Michael Johnson is a case of a guy staying for his Senior Year and hurting is stock. If he had come out his junior year, he would have most probably been a late first, early 2nd.

His combine numbers are amazing for a DE...especially one that is 6'7".

Scouts would have been drooling over that if they didn't have so much tape to look is empty numbers when the kid takes off so many snaps.

I feel good for Asher. I'm sure he would have preferred higher, but a 3rd round pick will make $1M his first year b/w signing bonus and salary and will be in line for another $1M+ in salary over the next two seasons.

Hard to fault a kid for leaving for that kid of bank...the signing bonuses drop off in the 4th round...but it is hard to say he should have risked that kind of pay day for a chance to get up into the 2nd round.

Anonymous said...

Gotta give PWD props for his statement last year following what I think was a draft projection article. The article said something about Michael Johnson being a potential top 5 pick to which if I remember correctly PWD said: "If Johnson is a first round pick I'm Ron Jeremy, if he is a top 5 pick, I'm Jenna Jameson".

Unknown said...

Anon 11:56,

Michael Johnson never even started at Tech until his SR year. There are some exceptions like Robert Geathers ...guys who don't start and come out early don't usually get drafted.

TopDawg said...

Why does James Davis and Ricky Jean-Francois puzzle you... Davis was a product of the O-line and that showed with his sr. year. No top-end speed nor does he break many tackles.

Ricky jean-Francois: Not consistent, plays too high a lot..Needs a DL coach to get him to play with more consistency and force

Anonymous said...

Boy pwd were you wrong a/b Stafford. In that link you said you didn't see Stafford comign out early or being a top 5 pick. Oops.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why Stafford and Moreno left. They mustn't have looked at the don't go dawgs website.

Anonymous said...

Stafford- 41.7 million guaranteed

Moreno- good chance close to 15-20 million guaranteed

Probably a good thing they didn't listen to these genius bloggers that thought it would be smarter to stay. How much more could their stock/money have improved from this year?

Unknown said...

Just to clarify my brilliance,

I did think Moreno should go before the season.

And I didn't think Stafford would be a Top 5 pick last year, but I did revise my take on that as the season evolved.

And I was steadfast in my belief that MJohnson was wildly overrated all year.

So I ended up being right on all predictions. Just a matter of when.

See how genius I am?

Anonymous said...

Well, Stafford still has to prove he deserves the money. I think his problems will begin when he decides he does not want to be there for whatever reason. Lack of a line, girl friend, mean fans, etc. His play will then show his lack of interest. The book is not finished. Of course, he wins in the end because he got the money as long as he does not blow it.

Dubbayoo said...

There is nothing to show they wouldn't have gotten more (or less) by staying another year.

Stafford got the guaranteed money but Dirty Sanchez got the better situation in NY. $40 mil in exchange for never getting a Super Bowl. tough call. :)

William Neilson Jr. said...

Paul, ask anyone at LSU and they will tell you RJF fell because it was well known his love for the game is not high and he liked to take entire games off

Rumors of drinking/drugs too

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I'm not convinced Sanchez "got the better situation." Yes, Stafford got drafted by a terrible team, but there's absolutely nowhere to go but up -- and very little in the way of expectations -- for an 0-16 squad. If the Lions win so much as five games this season, Stafford's a folk hero.

Sanchez, meanwhile, joins a team that was just a couple games away from the playoffs; between all the weapons he's supposedly surrounded by, the media glare of the NY market, and the notorious crankiness of Jets fans, he'll be drawn and quartered if they don't get over the hump this year.

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd rather be Stafford in this scenario. I mean, Grosse Pointe's pretty nice.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:45...last person I would want a DAWG to learn from..a thug like Ray Lweis. Heres hoping that the only thing he learns is football related.

Dawg19 said...

Just an FYI...

2006 Chick-Fil-A Bowl (Dawgs vs. Virginia Tech) on ESPNU tonight at midnight for those with DVR's or Tivo...

Anonymous said...


We missed out on Derrio Green, he is Charlotte bound.

jb said...

Pwd, you are very proud of yourself abbout those picks! You love your self, got ur picks right, now hug yourself!

Could u tone ur horn down a little haha

Dubayoo is a douche said...

Dubayoo - are you a dumbass or just retarded? WHen Peyton went to the Colts they brought new meaning to the term SUCK. He only won 3 games his first year and took many more before he finally did what his talent dictated. Saying Staff won't win a Super Bowl is like saying you know what the f#uck you're talking about.

The Watch Dawg said...

Worst pick of the draft: Michael Mitchell (who?) in the 2nd round to the Raiders. They quite literally used their 2nd round pick on a guy who was listed as a prospective UDFA on virtually everyone else's boards. The stupidity of Al Davis astounds me.

As far as Dubbayoo's comments about Mark Sanchez, I disagree. Sanchez has the biggest bust potential of anyone in this draft, but you would NEVER heard anyone at ESPN suggest such a blasphemy. The guy started 13 games, and played against the worst defenses the Pac-10 has fielded in a long time. When his head coach flat out says publicly that he isn't ready, you know there's something to it. I'm sorry, but I'm not buying that Carroll is just being immature and bitter.

People talk about Stafford being in a tough situation, but the likelihood is that Stafford will not be asked to be the starter from day 1. Whereas Sanchez, who likely needs the most development of the two, WILL likely be called on to start relatively soon, and he's not going to be ready for what NFL defenses throw at him. I know Marky thinks that he faced the NFL's best during his practices with his USC teammates, but he hasn't. He's not going to be in a Matt Cassell situation where he can sit behind a QB like Tom Brady and learn for 4 years before being asked to start.

I know this is hard for the media to grasp: but not every USC quarterback is a future pro-bowler.

PTC DAWG said...

Stafford doesn't have to "prove" anything. He's got the $$$. What he proved was that a LOT of morons post on these boards. Saying his leaving early was a mistake, blah blah blah.

Maybe one day, those folks will get over their wealth envy and just be happy for the Kid.

Dubbayoo said...

Sanchez doesn't have to win games on his own. The Jets already have a 1,300 yard rusher in Thomas Jones, which also means their line is decent. Their defense was #16 whereas Detroit's was DFL.

To the real douche who farted this gem:

"WHen Peyton went to the Colts they brought new meaning to the term SUCK. He only won 3 games his first year and took many more before he finally did what his talent dictated."

Are you serious? First of all, yes Indy went 3-13 Peyton's first year HOWEVER Peyton passed for 3,739 yards with 26 touchdowns, set five different NFL rookie records, including most touchdown passes in a season, and was named to the NFL All-Rookie First Team. You think Staff is doing that in 2010?

"took many more before he finally did what his talent dictated".

Wha? Please pass that joint. You've had way too much. The Colts were 13-3 his second year and he made the Pro Bowl. 3rd year = Pro Bowl AGAIN! Pro Bowl 2 of his first 3 years and he took a while to show his real talent. Comparing Indy back then to Detroit now, which hasn't had a winning season since Jesus died.

I could go on but I've already proven your cluelessness. Btw, two B's in Dubbayoo.

I never said Sanchez is a better QB and I don't think he is. He just has to throw some dinks and hand off to Thomas Jones. I said he's in a better situation and he is. I don't think Staff will even be able to Calvin Johnson with 2 seconds to throw.

Anonymous said...

Added Vikings QB Sage Roselfels, ""We were talking about it and it just blows me away. Right or wrong, he makes twice as much money as (Patriots QB) Tom Brady. To me, it doesn't make sense."
Stafford's guaranteed money surpasses the deals of Brady ($26.5 million guaranteed), a three-time Super Bowl winner and 2007 MVP, and Colts QB Peyton Manning ($34.5 million) a three-time MVP and a former Super Bowl champion.
Panthers QB Jake Delhomme said on Fox Sports radio Sunday

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