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May 11, 2009

Dawgs stop skid. Beat Vandy 4-3 in the 9th

Matt Cerione hit a walk-off single to score the winning run 4-3 against Vanderbilt on Sunday. The win was made possible by the Rally Rat. Well...when you're in an 8 game tailspin...if it takes a rat to pull you out, then so be it.

The win ended an 8 game losing streak, and it gave Georgia some fresh momentum heading into Tuesday night's game vs. Georgia Tech at Turner Field.

If the season ended today, UGA would be the #5 seed in the SEC Tourney. Per
*1. LSU
*2. FLORIDA (1st Place in East)

* Clinched a SEC Tournament Berth
# Eliminated from SEC Tournament Contention
For UGA to move higher than the #5 seed, the following scenarios would have to unfold:
    #2 Seed - They could land here by sweeping South Carolina in Columbia *and* the Gators being swept by Kentucky in Gainesville. That would give us the SEC East title and the automatic higher seed. UGA is only 2 games back from UF in the standings, but the Gators hold the tie-breaker. Wildly unlikely scenario.

    #3 Seed - I think this is mathematically impossible due to the quirk of the Tide having played and lost one fewer game this year due to weather problems.

    #4 Seed - Dawgs would need to sweep the Gamecocks and Ole Miss would need to be swept at Arkansas. This is unlikely, but it's not as out of the question as the 2 Seed scenario.

    #5 Seed - UGA must win 2 of three against SC. They only have a one game lead over the Chickens.

    #6 Seed or Lower - Lose 2 of 3 or worse, and it just gets ugly. It's unlikely,but we could fall all the way to 8th if we are swept by SC and Vandy sweeps the Vols.
The issue of hosting a regional isn't really on the table right now. Win the next four, make some noise in Hoover, and we might get back into that conversation. But right now, we're fighting for the best regional seed available.

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Anonymous said...

Did you guys post something about the suspensions and dismissal? Did i just miss it?

Because losing Justin Houston for 2 games is bigger, more important news than anything related to baseball or basketball...

Unknown said...

i sat on it until it was official. over the weekend. I'm writing something now. Just a quick note because everyone already knows.

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