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May 9, 2009

How did we ever win 33?

It's a miracle.

I have no idea how to fix this team, but I don't think a rainout or a night with the girls from the Ice Capades will do it. It's probably going to take a fist fight or a religious awakening because these guys are completely and totally asleep. Anyone watching them lose 9-2 vs. Vandy today knows that.

I was groggy from the weight of the fail during the game, but I could've sworn we ended our shot at a big inning because two guys were standing on second base. Now, I'm no father of 6 year old boys, but I'm pretty sure they cover that rule in tee ball.

The clip above perfectly describes this team. Young, in a wicked slump and painfully in need of Perno scaring the hell out of them. We have to win tomorrow and more importantly Tuesday night against Tech.



TopDawg said...

I know nobody has talked about this, but UGA is running a course of not making the NCAA tourney. If they lose tomorrow that will be 9 straight losses. Still got Tech and a road series at USCe. All of that plus a probable 1st rd SEC tourney loss if they make the tourney. All of these variables plus other teams getting hot who are on the bubble is not a good recipe for the dogs. The problem is that the so-called manager isn't really doing anything to help

Bernie said...

Yeh, I read something about big changes coming to the lineup for this series. I'm not in town this weekend, but haven't read anything about what those (supposed) changes have been.

If they lollygag their way to Turner Field Tuesday night there will definitely be a fistfight ...even if I have to start it.

Crane said...

Now, I'm no father of 6 year old boysThat you know of

Anonymous said...

The best part was that it was the Gators delivering the kill shot to our season.

*lights self on fire*

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see this squad dying a slow death. However, signs were pointing to this all season. Shakey defense, questionable pitching at times, and lack of offense for long stretches equal bad baseball. Unfortunately, it has been the perfect storm over the last 8 games. I really think that the bottom dropped for these guys when they lost the 2nd staight mid-week game to Jacksonville State. Huge lead early only to post an L late. Great run Dawgs! See ya next year!

Anonymous said...

And the odd / even year curse continues

Anonymous said...

Just as EVERYONE on the team can slump at once...EVERYONE can break out at once again. All's not lost; there could still be some fun moments left.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, another football offseason kicks off with same discipline problems from last season.

Nothing has changed.

Except, of course, the talent on offense is gone.

Anonymous said...

By this time last season, we'd had 7 arrests. We haven't had one this offseason. That's progress.

Smitty said...

The random drug test stikes again. Must have been pretty bad for White to get 6 games.

Anonymous said...

Is Pallazone pitching again? His injury is what started the downfall. He was our best set-up man and him not being able to travel to Ole Miss cost us that series. Then, he did not pitch against Jax St. (not that he should have needed to) and it has been downhill since then.

Anonymous said...

Its all on when you get hot.

No one gave Fresno State a chance last year. They peaked perfectly. Started as a #4 seed in a regional and went on to win it all.

This group has the talent, just can they put it all together again?

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