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June 1, 2009

UGA vs. Oklahoma State Kickoff Time Announced

Georgia vs Oklahoma State '07 (image: Hipple)

The Georgia Bulldogs will face the Oklahoma State Cowboys at 3:30 pm ET on Sept. 5th at newly renovated Boone Pickens Stadium. The game will be televised on ABC according to the Oklahoma State Athletic Department (times listed in press release are Central).

This means;
  • Georgia's players will be in bed at a reasonable hour on Saturday night. They should be plenty fresh to face the Gamecocks in Week 2.
  • JimFromDuluth was right on the 3:30 start. I thought it would be a twilight game.
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BTW -- I'll do a postmortem on the baseball season later. Didn't feel like it after the drive back from Tally last night.


Anonymous said...

In anticipation of the baseball post mortem, I assume there will be a measure of disappointment, but I was/am encouraged: Second consecutive year of post season play (breaking a bit of a cycle, iirc), and it is one of the younger teams in college baseball. I can't wait until next year.

Jitterbug said...

That's great. That means I'll be able to have my friends over to watch the game around 8:00 since it starts earlier out west. Will make for a nice bbq.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Jo Cox and the rest of the gang.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of us will pass on going to OkSt? A year ago, I would've said that it's absolutely a no-brainer, but then I started thinking about it and... it's just not that interesting if you have to choose between it and, say, the bowl game or a different away game.

I'm definitely going to Nashville (I always do), but I'm not going to Stillwater and will save the bucks to go to whatever bowl game we get... and hope it isn't Peach or MCB.

Junkyard Persian Cockroach said...

We're going to the Sh*t Bowl this year guys. Absolutely no momentum heading into this year. It will take 3-4 years to get over the disappointment and embarrassments from last year.

Anonymous said...

I confirmed last week that demand for this game is sky high among our fans.

Not so much for the Arkansas trip.

Lawdawg said...


Just like the 3-4 years it took us to get over the disappointment of preseason top 3 in 2004 and then only winning ten games. Oops, I guess it didn't take that long to get over 2004. Then again, we had a 5th year senior QB and a veteran line coming back in 2005 ;)

Anonymous said...

"With 5:52 left, the Pickens party is heading out of the suite."

Well, there's the goal. Get T. Boone to get out the door at 5:53 or more left in the game...

JPC said...

That was a shot at sarcasm, but not a good one. Yes, we can redeem ourselves quickly, and it best be this year since we lose several major contributors on D next year.

Our biggest challenge will be to have a consistent running game and an end rush, and a dependable secondary.

Hobnail_Boot said...


Works for me, making my first Arkansas trip this year.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the team will fly 3 smaller planes from OSU directly into Athens like they did after LSU last season. This will also provide much needed extra time to get ready for the week 2 game.

Anonymous said...

3-4 years to get over last season?

Damn, guess I'll forsake my fandom until then. Because Lord knows we've never ever had a good year after a "bad" one.

Anonymous said...

I assume that means regional coverage. 3:30 ABC is probably the worst possibility for those of us who live outside SEC/B12 areas and would prefer to watch the game at home on our expensive HDTVs.

MikeInValdosta said...

I would pick Arkansas trip over Stillwater if forced to choose, but I am planning on hitting both.

May be able to get out of Tulsa Sat night late, if I can still drive...

Lawdawg said...


You can live with the glass half full if you want. The fact is that as long as CMR is coaching it appears we are going to be one of the 10-15 schools that has a realistic chance at the MNC and SEC every year. It will always come down to team chemistry, injuries, breaks, and a couple plays being made (or not made) every year. The overall talent level of the roster doesn't change significantly from year to year. For example, this year compared to last.
QB talent better in 08
WR talent equal to 08
RB talent better in 08
OL talent better in 09
TE talent equal to 08
Overall offense is likely to be slightly less talented than 08.
DL talent better in 09
LB talent better in 09
Corner talent slightly better in 08
Safety talent equal in 09
Overall defense is likely to be slightly more talented in 09.

Special teams/Kicking
PK talent slightly better in 09.
KO talent better in 09.
P talent slightly better in 08.
2009 talent here is better.

The team is similar to last year just as it is similar to 2007 and the rest of the Richt years. If after 8 years of CMR you don't "get it," you probably never will.

We are a perennial contender. We reload.

Anonymous said...


Not too sure you are correct in saying "we are going to be one of the 10-15 schools that has a realistic chance at the MNC and SEC every year." I agree that we routinely have a shot at the SEC, but not the NC. We are one of those schools that has a window every 5-7 years. We had a shot in 02 (thank you GAYtors) and again last year (injuries and lack of leadership), but not this year. We simply missed our window the past 7 years. That window is not shut, it is merely not as wide open as in past years. 9-10 wins this year will be great. CWM and the D must prove themselves this year worthy of SEC championship football.

Anonymous said...

I have no expectations until I find out where Terence Moore is and what he believes will happen this year.

Lawdawg said...

Anon 4:39,

It's hard to say we didn't have a realistic shot in any year where we were top 6 in the BCS standings at some point after the middle of October. We have been in the top 6 at least once after mid-October every year under CMR except 2006 and 2001, the two years we started QBs who were in their first year in the system.

NM said...

"we routinely have a shot at the SEC, but not the NC"

What? Are you at all familiar with how college football works? All you ever have control over is winning your conference, but if you do that in a conference like the SEC, you're in the NC mix most every year.

Look at the list of SEC champions since 2002:
02 - UGA had one loss; bad luck that two other teams were undefeated
03 - LSU had one loss; won NC
04 - Auburn was undefeated; again, bad luck of doing that in a year when two other teams did too
05 - UGA had two losses; seems to be the only year in this period where the SEC champion didn't have a legit NC chance
06 - UF had one loss; won NC
07 - LSU had two losses; won NC (note that UGA also had two losses, and if Vandy or SC or UK beats UT like they should have, this could easily have been us)
08 - UF had one loss; won NC

I don't know what you're talking about with "windows" and such, but if you think winning a NC in most years involves anything more than winning the SEC and having a little luck, you're objectively wrong.

Anonymous said...

Top 1% of 1%:

The Watch Dawg said...


Fairly certain that the broadcast will be national, not regional.

Mr. Sanchez said...

Watch or Paul,

what other games are that day? Specifically, what other games are that day which ESPN/ABC would hold the rights to?

Skeptic Dawg said...

I agree that the Dawgs are a team that has "windows". In 02 team team had a realistic shot, in 07 we needed a ton of things to happen, this was not a real shot. As for what UF and LSU did in prior years is of no concern to us. What is a major concern is beating UF. Until that happens we are simply not a major threat year in and year out for the NC. We can, and have, won the SEC without beating Florida, with not real shot at a NC.

Dawg19 said...

We were ranked #3 in 2002 when we lost to uf. Miami and Ohio State were ahead of us and would have played for the NC, regardless.

I heard today that the OK State game is a national broadcast.

Squarebush said...

This should make the masses happy:

"Georgia will pay North Texas $975,000 to open the 2013 football season in Sanford Stadium"

Squarebush said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Squarebush said...

The schedule that year is:


@ Clemson
App State
North Texas
@ Tech

I imagine the N TX / App St games will make some grumble, but that's a pretty good schedule. Actually, almost carbon copy of last year's:


@ AZ St
GA Southern
Central Michigan

As for what UGA is paying these lesser opponents to play in Sanford, it's interesting to see that TN Tech and Coastal Carolina each are getting more than App St. I am going to assume that it's only due to the fact that they were scheduled later.

JJ said...

For me, an awful year for UGA is 8-4. That, in itself is a good thing. I don't care what the circumstances are....if the Dawgs don't find a way to win the SEC, the season is a failure. That's where we stand these days.

Hobnail_Boot said...

ehhh.. 2007 wasn't exactly a failure

lawdawg said...

Cooper and Dawg 19,

We we were not ranked behind Ohio State when we lost to UF. and go to full season view. We were ranked behind OU, ND, and Miami. OU and ND both lost before the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Georgia was not only ranked ahead of Ohio State in 2002, Notre Dame lost just before the Florida kickoff and that afternoon Rutgers gave Miami a scare. Miami needed a 4th quarter comeback to win that one. If Georgia had beaten Florida even somewhat convincingly, Georgia likely leapfrogs Miami and slots in at #2 behind an Oklahoma team that lost a week or so later. That wasn't a window to get to the national title. It was a wide open barn door.

The Watch Dawg said...

Dante, you seem to forget that Auburn got snubbed 2 years later, despite going undefeated. People forget that the SEC didn't get the same respect that it does now back then. Georgia likely would have been snubbed in 02 anyway.

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