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August 6, 2009

More Hoops Schedule News

Update: We confirmed the scheduled teams today. We expect the schedule to be announced in about 2 weeks or less. I don't have all the exact dates, but I do know the teams. San Diego was a bogus rumor, but Wofford wasn't. Hell...12 of 13 ain't too shabby.

UGA is confirmed to host Pepperdine in Athens on Dec. 30th (ht - MemphisDog). Pepperdine had an RPI of 276 last year; however, they should be better in Year 2 under coach Tom Asbury. Speaking of Asbury, he's the connection to Fox on this game. Asbury was the head coach at Kansas State from '94-'00 while Fox was his assistant coach.

Home (Confirmed):
    Georgia Tech - Date TBA
    New Orleans - Nov. 13
    Wofford - Date TBA (in Nov.)
    UNC-Asheville - Nov. 24
    Jacksonville St. - Nov. 27 (Fri. before Tech)
    Florida Atlantic - Dec. 23
    Pepperdine - Dec. 30
    Saint Louis - Date TBA
Away (Confirmed):
    UAB (Same day as UK football game) - Nov. 21
    Virginia Tech
    St. John's (Big East / SEC Challenge) - Dec. 9
Neutral (confirmed):
    vs. Illinois (at Gwinnett Arena) - Dec. 19
Update: That's all 13 games. Ideally at least one more of those BCS teams would've been at home, but it's not joke scheduling 5 High-Majors...4 of which away from Stegeman. That's ballsy.



dr wagner said...

this is a pretty good pre-SEC schedule considering the giant question marks we've got going into the season.

pwd, do you know any info about the tip-off club? they usually have the golf tourney around the start of football season.

Mr. Sanchez said...

good schedule, now let's get to work baby.

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