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August 6, 2009

Richt Addresses Penalties

Richt says he's is taking a more aggressive approaching in dealing with penalties this year. Good. As I stated last week, it's not just the quantity, it's the timing that's a killer.

In the article from last week, I talked about the value of a 2008 possession for a UGA opponent as being about 2.13 points (points allowed / defensive possessions). By cleaning up penalties a little at key moments and by getting better kickoff coverage, I said that we could trim about 4.3 points per game out of our defensive scoring average.

The flip side of that is the offensive penalties. We averaged about 2.7 points per offensive possession last year. Eliminate a costly holding call or drive killing ineligible receiver down field penalty per game, and you can add another 2.7 points pretty easy.

Again...all of this is without getting more talented. Just less careless.



JB said...

I agree completely with you PWD. i wrote something about this on the Vent a while back. You articulate a couple of good metrics that I didn't touch on.

D-penalties that resulted in first downs were something like 33 or 35 plays.... 33 to 35 times the opposing team didn't have to bust it 4 downs to get the yards, some of the 'hidden' yardage like in INTs.

Unknown said...

35 penalties resulting in 1st downs which was 2.7 per game. Almost twice what the Gators gave up in those key moments..despite them being an otherwise HEAVILY penalized team.

Scott said...

The article also mentions that they are working on DBs holding onto the ball rather than dropping them. That would be a good thing, too!

Unknown said...

I really like all the things I'm hearing out of the first two days of practice. I think this years incoming freshman class is going to be special, and it sounds like they will be learning to do things the "right" way from the get go. Should be a fun year flying under the radar...


PTC DAWG said...

How many games did Penn Wagers do for UF vs UGA?

Anonymous said...

Correct your grammar before the GT nerds come in and rag on you.

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