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October 27, 2009

If I were Bobo...

AJ Green (Image: Hipple)

Upon further reflection, the most encouraging thing to me from the Vanderbilt game wasn't the play of the defense or the running game in the fourth quarter. The defensive intensity was nice, but it was Vandy after all. And I think the coaching staff's praise of the running game was pretty overblown given that Vandy's defense had already thrown in the towel by the time we started trying to pound it in the fourth quarter.

The most encouraging thing to me was Caleb King's touchdown on the screen pass. Stafford, Moreno and the offensive line did a masterful job the past two years of executing running back screens on the edges and the middle screen to our backs. Cox, the offensive line and the running backs have been a train wreck trying to execute those plays this year. Between missed blocks, dropped passes and bad timing, the screen game has been a mess.

I'm extremely skeptical that we're going to be able to run the ball against the Gator defense. We're going to have to throw it and throw it a lot to win this game*. However, we can't have Joe sit back there and try to pick them apart without something to slow the pass rush.

That's why seeing us execute the screen against Vandy was so encouraging to me. If I'm Bobo, I bust open the Oklahoma State 2007 game plan. I think we ran about 15 screens in that game. Here's what I wrote after that game:
Offensive Line Inexperience: The game plan by Bobo was brilliant. Use screens, flares, slants and quick outs to keep the defensive line off our young pups up front. After re-watching the game on DVR, I noticed a few plays where the entire OSU defensive front four stood straight up, took a step back and looked around for a screen. Only to see Stafford throw it behind them on a down field route. There were some moments of confusion and what appeared to be missed assignments up front, but overall...great effort and communication.
We need to run bubble screens, middle screens, swing passes to RBs, FB screens, rocket screen, tunnel screens, you name it, we need to run it. Hopefully, that'll open up the down field passes.

Also, my gut says that Florida isn't going to double team A.J. Green. Not at first anyway. They are going to play him on an island and dare Joe to get out of their blitz alive. Joe has to make them pay for that decision.

If we show up down there and run the ball successfully, I'll be thrilled. And shocked.

As for the defense plan...David Hale has some less than encouraging stats.

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*Special teams TDs and turnovers galore by the Gators would really help, too.


Anonymous said...

True. Remember how frustrating it was in 2002 when Florida continued to run those screen plays over and over against? For all of BVG's brilliance as a DC, we never stopped those all night. Ultimately, it might have cost us a shot at the national championship. Would be great to return that favor this weekend using the same frustrating plays over and over again.

Anonymous said...

we should definitely run this play if we get into the red zone. michigan tried a similar play against them a few years ago but failed because chad henne threw it too high

John From Texas said...

IMO, this is how you beat Florida:
1. DTs must dominate the middle (see Georgia's win in 2007 and Arkansas' close loss two weeks ago).
2. Corners must be able to shed blocks (holds) by the Gators' receivers
3. Jam TE Aaron Hernandez as much as possible at the line of scrimmage.

1. Need 100-yard rusher (check Georgia's handful of wins over Florida the last decade and a half).
2. Must be efficient inside the 20. Field goal attempts are not acceptable.
3. Receivers must be uber physical with corners.
4. Somebody must send a message to LB Brandon Spikes early (perhaps a tight end initially lined up outside comes in motion, comes of the edge and blindsides the punk).

Anonymous said...

well said John. I agree

Rick said...

John, can you apply for a coaching position on the UGA football team? Please?

SCdawg said...

anon 10:58's video is insane!! this play is just too cool. everyone should watch it.

i am not going to attempt to predict a scenario where we win this game. im prepared for the worst hoping for the best.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on mixing in a 5-2 defensive front on first or second down? We've got more talent at DT than at LB or DE. This would spread big bodies across the front and hopefully get some good licks on Tebow. They seem to do a mix of inside/outside until the safeties cheat too much and then he throws to a wide open WR. I really don't want our safeties close to the line b/c they are so adept at not covering WR's off of play action.

dawgnotdog said...

as frustrating as 2002 was in watching the same play over and over, the defense only gave up 13 points.

Pick 6 thrown by Shock accounted for 7 of the 20 the Gatas scored.

Anonymous said...

Why in the world is Marlon not opposite of A.J.? They played him the entire game vs UT (he blocked well down field and caught both passes), and he hasn't seen much action since. Get him the ball, and he'll make plays.

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