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October 25, 2009

Tebow Still Chasing Herschel's Rushing Record

The TV guys last night said that Tebow tied Herschel's record for career rushing touchdowns in the SEC last night. That's technically true, but it's pretty misleading.

Herschel actually scored 5 more rushing TDs that aren't counted in the record books because bowl stats didn't start counting until about 10 years ago. He scored twice vs. Notre Dame, twice vs. Pitt and once vs. Penn State in the '81-'83 Sugar Bowls.

In other words, Tebow still has six more rushing TDs to go to break Walker's REAL record. Also, Walker played in 36 total games including bowls. With the longer seasons today, Tebow has already started 34 games in two and a half seasons. Additionally, he has played in 48 total games so far. So it's not an apples to apples comparison.

Nor did Herschel have any of the elite surrounding players that Tebow has played with.

That aside, Douche 3:16's stats really are amazing, and I do think he's one of the Top 3 SEC players in my lifetime alongside Herschel and Bo. I just have a problem with him getting that record under fairly uneven terms.

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention with a QB running, the blockers/defenders end up evening out.

Anonymous said...

for Halloween, what are the odds Tebow dresses up like a choir boy and and Urban Cryer as a catholic priest?

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. I never considered the incongruities between the games that "counted" for purposes of Herschel's stats and those that have "counted" for Tebow's.

Way to keep him (and the media) honest--if he's going to tout the record after his college career, let's make sure he's earned it. Herschel had to.

matt b. said...

Why don't they make stats 10 years prior retroactive?

Then we wouldn't have a national tv audience unintentionally mislead.

Squarebush said...

I'd be interested to see a side by side comparison of the yardage of each TD scored by each player. I think that would probably widen the gap of the argument even further.

I chuckle every time I hear about Tebow breaking the record.

S.E. Dawg said...

Just as in the National Championship game, it mythical.

Sports Dawg said...

Had HW remained at UGA for his senior year, this TD record would not even be in Tebow's sights, regardless of the calculations. But he didn't and it is.

Bryan said...

To expand on PWD's numbers, Herschel played in three 11-game seasons, so his max games toward the record is 33 (not counting his three bowl games). Tebow played in 4 12-game seasons (48 games), what should be three SEC championship games (3) and four bowl games (4) for a total of 55 games, which is essentially TWO additional seasons than Herschel... It is a travesty for all college football players that they don't look at records in the same light. Either count the postseason for all players or none...

Anonymous said...

Actually Herschel did it in 35 games, not 36. He missed the Ole Miss game of his freshman season due to injury.

NCT said...

Can we please keep Tebow from getting all five next Saturday?

Anonymous said...

Both players are tremendously accomplished. I don't think we can minimize the significance of Tebow's touchdowns. It is remarkable that he has been able to accomplish this from the QB position. They are both on my list of the 5 best SEC players of all times.

Anonymous said...

I HATE Florida as much as the next guy. I really wish Tebow were not on a pace to break Herschel's record. I also know this is Florida week so a little taunting is appropriate in the name of the rivalry.

All of that said, referring to Tebow as "Douche 3:16" is uncalled for (not to mention vaguely blasphemous, in case it matters). As best I've been able to tell, setting aside all the hype and ridiculous press fawning, Tebow himself is a good guy. This sort of name-calling is crass and beneath you, frankly. Perhaps you're simply re-using someone else's term, but that was not clear to me, since the earlier reference was not in the link you posted. In any event, I'm not sure that would excuse it. Come on, PWD, you're better than that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:05 = Douche 3:17

Steve Tannyhill said...

He's top 3.

#4 you ask?

Steve Tannyhill.

Hobnail_Boot said...

I don't know or care if Tebow is 'a good guy'.

What I do know is that he plays for the damn Gators and for that he can KMA. I also can't stand him for all of the adulation he calls to himself and for the preferential treatment he gets both by the referees and the star-crossed national media.

Mr. Sanchez said...

I thought when bowl games began to count toward stats 5 years ago or so, they went back and retroactively added old bowls.

Either way, Tebow's is a numbers only record. Tebow has been the team's only inside rusher around the goalline for 4 years now, the extra games on the schedule, the extra season, etc, like you say, the #s aren't an apples to apples comparison.

JaxDawg said...

Look people - Hobnail is dead on.

Tebow IS a douche.

I never once, not a solitary time, saw Herschel Walker jump up and down and draw tremendous attention to himself. All I ever saw was him head back to the huddle after a first down or simply hand the ball to the ref after a TD.

He never, ever, ever celebrated his accomplishments and he had more reason than anyone to do so.

And for you guys under the age of 30, Tebow represents all that has ever been abhorrent about Florida Gator football:

1. a showboat attitude
2. a loud, boisterous demeanor
3. a feeling that they are special even when they have a bad game
4. a megalomaniac syndrome even when it's not warranted
5. cheeseball jean shorts and copious amounts of hair gel

Come to think of it, no player in the history of college football, other than *maybe* Brian Bozworth of Oklahoma, has coveted self-recognition as much as Tebow. For such a meek Christian, he sure does love the spotlight. And if he didn't, he'd be a bigger douche for leading his team in the manner of the FAMU band leader.

The only thing I'll give Tebow is that I admire his hatred of losing. But it's one thing to hate losing and another to parade around on a stage and shout "I'm coming bank!".

Anonymous said...

Is somebody messaging the CBS crew working the game and the ESpiNuts to make sure that they know this and give the stat some more substance?

I'm sure that will be a major talking point for them

Ben said...

Personally, I loved the Douche 3:16 jab...Made me chuckle!

Go Dawgs! I wish we had Herschel this week!

SCdawg said...


couldn't agree more.

tebow is a douche. i have some different reasons tho.

1. his homosexual behaviors. (the kiss by his roomate, crying during a speech, etc.)
2. being a supposed "christian", when he is one of the most proud and arrogant people in college football history. (he could be gay too but no one knows. his hot gf could be proof why he isn't but then again it could be a cover up.)
3. playing terrible and acting like he did something. his showboating is ridiculous especially when a penalty is never called.
4. the obsession by the media. o look, there is another tebow worship session on sportscenter right now!

even though he is a douche, the 3:16 part is a little over the line i think because it could be taken as making fun of a Bible verse and not tebow.

even tho douche 3:16 is clever, i propose teblow as the new nickname.

PWD, you are dead on about the records.

Unknown said...

I don't think Douche 3:16 is blasphemous.

To each his own.

RedCrake said...

Tebow is not a good guy.

Everything and I mean EVERYTHING he does (from crying after games, to making "I'll never lose again" speeches, to circumcising Filipino children) is a premeditated, calculated move to enhance is legacy.

None of those things that make him "a great competitor" are sincere or spontaneous or even coincidental. The media has hyped him beyond anything imaginable, but they are fed a steady diet of "Timmy is teh awesomez" but Tebow himself on almost a weekly basis.

Timmy needs this little ditty on his eye-black:

Proverbs 18:12 Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour is humility.

RedCrake said...

Wow --

I guess when I get that worked up about Hate Week the intense and extensive grammatical training I received goes out the window.

Nonetheless, I think I've made my point.

SCdawg said...

DANGIT! i forgot about the circumcisions in my post!! insert that under reason #1.

Dubbayoo said...

Where can you find/buy/download entire games from the Herschel era?

Anonymous said...

How are these statistics not relevant to the argument?

Walker: 994 carries 5,259 yds (5.3 avg) 49 TD

Tebow: 596 carries 2,503 yds (4.2 avg) 49 TD

Tebow has the same number of TDs in about 60% as many carries as Walker.

The whole argument about 3 years for Walker vs. 4 for Tebow makes no sense when you realize Herschel had many, many more chances to score than Tebow will ever have.

And this stuff about Tebow being his team's best option near the goal line? Do you mean to tell me that Walker wasn't the greatest scoring threat on all three UGA teams he played on?

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