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November 17, 2009

Hoop Dawgs drop one to Wofford

The Bulldogs lost to Wofford 60-57 tonight. The Dawgs had a chance to send the game into overtime with 3.1 seconds left. Dustin Ware went to the free throw line down by two points. Ware made his first shot, but he missed the second. Essentially ending the game.

Ware's miss was bad, but he was 3 of 4 on the night from the line. The bigger problem was Jeremy Price and Chris Barnes' collective performance at the charity stripe. The two bangers went an epic fail 4 for 12 at the line. If you're looking for the key to failure, that's it.

The team also went 2-14 from the three point line. That obviously didn't help either, but that's just what our personnel is. A team without much of an outside shot.

The Good:
  • This wasn't like the Winthrop debacle in Felton's first year. That team had 4 quality starters on it that stone cold quit and lost on effort by 20 points. This team played much tougher than that. They seem to have bought in, and they were mostly in a position to win the game. They just didn't make the open layups, free throws, dunks and three pointers to win it...easily.

  • The team has come light years in terms of entry passes into the paint. That's significant because the bulk of our talent is inside, and we'll see a ton of zone.

  • Travis Leslie looks like a different player. His stat line was impressive at 17 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and no turnovers. That's turnovers.

  • Trey Thompkins had 14 points and 16 rebounds, and he managed to play the final 5 minutes or so with four fouls.
The Bad:
  • The Free Throw shooting. 11 for 20 is pathetic.

  • The crowd. I can't really bitch about this because I haven't been to many weeknight jobber games like this over the past 5+ years. But still, the attendance was really bad. We need the students to come back. Obviously, this game didn't sell any tickets.

  • The three point shooting.
We are what we are. We're a team with a handful of quality inside guys who can play around the rim and get points, but we can't shoot free throws to fully leverage those opportunities.

We lack much of an outside shooter, and that's not a shock. Ware's stats probably look worse than his ability. He'll make more of his attempts once he settles down and takes a smarter shot. During this one, he put too many off balance leaners into the air from too far beyond his competency. We don't have a bomber to get the other out of zone so we're going to have nights like this if the 3 doesn't fall.

It is what it is. The team will look dramatically better when the transfer Gerald Robinson starts playing at the 2 guard next year. But that's not going to help right now.

It's still a product worth coming out to watch
We are playing smarter ball, and they were in a position to win the game. They just have to make more plays. It's not the eye gouging display of offensive ineptitude that we showed under Felton. It's a more watchable product. It's just going to be a work in progress for a while, and we'll have to roll with it for a while.



coreyugacubs9 said...

free throws free throws and free throws u cant blame missed free throws on the coach

RedCrake said...

I honestly think the Athletic Assoc. needs to institute some sort of graduated scale for ticket prices. They can't expect people to pay the same for a weeknight game against Wofford as they would for a game against an SEC opponent. Also, they need to back off some of the administrative fees. I would have liked to go to the game, but I'm not going to pay $55 after fees to see a game against Wofford when I could save the money for a big SEC game or the Ga Tech game.

I realize this is probably a pipe dream, but if they want to put alumni and other non-student butts in seats, they need to run more promotions like the $5 deal for the UNO game.

Until the team reaches a higher level, they really need to meet the fans half way.

Anonymous said...

You sure can't blame free throws on Fox, but I can blame PWD for giving up on the 09 football Dawgs! PWD, you have a track record for bailing on the Dawgs during tough times, but this is just silly. You no focus your efforts on hoops! A bad hoops squad no the less? What gives? I had no idea you were an average, run-of-the mill bandwagon football fan! Your site is now dead to me!

S.A.W.B. said...

Dear Anonymous 11:23,
You're a stupid asshat, and you've always been dead to me. Now, go die.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:23

I have no idea where you are coming from. PWD focuses on all UGA sports and is the last one to "bail" on any one of them. If you don't like this blog, then go somewhere else...and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Anonymous said...

So do you guys suck on PWD's cock for free or does he pay you?

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

he pays, and tips well too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If I see Jeremy Price shoot another 18 foot jumper from the top of the key, it will be too soon.

Anonymous said...


The definition of offensive ineptitude is putting up LESS than 60 against WOFFORD. To me that is eye gouging.

I was there. It's NOT a watchable product.



This is not a better product, it's just the same pig with a different shade of lipstick.


Put us out of our misery, fold the team.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:53...

Is that you, Dennis?

Anonymous said...

What else is new...just like football!

Anonymous said...


You fired me for this clown? At least I could recruit. I've also got hair.

I may be the best coach y'all will ever get. Maybe one day you will understand that you are a FOOTBALL school and nothing else.

It's a vicious circle. I can't recruit players because nobody wants to come to a bottom feeder in the SEC and play in front of an empty stadium. Nobody will come to the games cause we don't get any recruits and the games aren't any fun cause the team stinks. The team stinks because I can't get the talent and the fans don't support the team.

At least y'all let me go. This is the best year of my life!!!

PS - I would have beat Wofford.

Anonymous said...

Wofford almost beat Pitt a top 15 team I believe, and on the road nonetheless. Also, as a student unless you have student tickets its stupid to try and get tickets put on your ID cards. It's easy for football because everyone goes but for these games it's too much of a hassle. LET STUDENTS GO FOR FREE!!! And don't schedule games during finals (I know this is not finals but it is the final testing period for most)

Anonymous said...

It is sad when people think they know Cbball but know nothing. If people knew anything, they would know that Wofford is a very solid team and almost won at Pitt which is a very difficult place to play. This is what we call a process. We weren't going to come into the season and win 25 games.

The Watch Dawg said...

Seriously folks.... lighten up. Fox has some work to do before we can call this a good team... that doesn't mean he's failing. Good grief it was only game 2. And it could have been worse. Alabama lost to Rider over the weekend.

rbubp said...

Felton/Anon 8:53,
You could recruit? Since when?

Secondly, you have to guy the guy a chance, man. Yes, I too am surprised we lost to Wofford. But unfortunately I am NOT surprised at the lack of fans or this type of fan reaction. This is utterly pathetic, and if you truly do want to see "the product" improve, then do your part by supporting the program and not tearing down a coach in his second freaking game!

And go to the damn games, already, even if the team stinks. Nothing is more embarrassing than an empty arena. Christ, the Hawks are really good this year and you can't get Georgians to go to that either. Come on, folks!

Anonymous said...

Notice how PWD has stayed away from this since his original post. Much like after a football loss, he simply disappears! Glad to you that you have already jumped off of the wagon! Let me guess, you are actually a Duke hoops fan PWD?

Anonymous said...

anon 6:07,

Between my job and your mom, I only have so much time.

Johnny Blaze said...

Real mature, PWD. Way to show you're the bigger man.

Look up hypocrisy then come talk to me.

Anonymous said...


That's the perk of having your own blog. Plus, I didn't use profanity.


Anonymous said...

Paul Westerdog you don't have to use profanity to show us you are the lowest common denominator...what else do we expect of you!

Andy said...

PWD also broke up the Beatles - it wasn't Yoko, it was Westerdawg. In fact, I think he may be related to Hitler! So yes, to Hell with it all!!

Dorks. They have this thing called MySpace, made just for you, you anonymous tits. . .

Johnny Blaze's Mom said...

I'm always amazed that people have so little to do that they come to read the writings of someone they consider a hypocrite and "the lowest common denominator".

If you want to criticize PWD's points from the post that's one thing (I'm sure he can take it in a dignified manner).

If you choose to mock him personally and claim that anyone who agrees with his analysis is blowing him, don't be surprised that he's doing your Mom -- and likely doing you the favor of providing you with an intellectually superior sibling.

If you are holding bloggers to some kind of higher standard in terms of morality or even discourse, we clearly have differing opinions on the nature of the Internet.

Scott Summers said...

@Johnny Blaze's Mom

I tried to read your comment but all I could see was "Blah blah blah I'm a stupid bitch".

You missed the whole point and you're probably fat. Please go die in a grease fire. Thank you.

Scott Summer's is a Self Important Douche said...


Feel free to roll around in barbed wire with Magic Johnson.

Perhaps then you'll realize that you're an inconsequential douche who values his own opinion more than anyone else does.

Grammar Police said...

@Scott Summer's is a Self Important Douche

Why the apostrophe?

Grammar Fail. Troll Fail.

Go play in traffic, kid.

Mark said...

Thought this was a balanced and fair post, PWD. Dawgs are showing good signs of improvement and are moving in the right direction. Fox just has such a hole to dig out of it's going to take some time.

Love the Dawgs. Love the blog. Can do without some of these carping commenters who don't really add anything to the discussion. Get enough of that kind of crap on ESPN.

James Howlett said...


Go drink bleach.

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