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December 2, 2009

More on the firings...

If you want a complete look at Mark Richt's comments and those of Damon Evans about the terminations of Martinez, Fabris and Jancek, check David Hale's blog. If you're interested in more of a summary of the situation, I liked Chip Towers piece a lot.

Richt's most interesting comment is:
"It was definitely not a one-year, knee-jerk reaction to this season, I can promise you that. It was more of a decision that was made over the course of time -- more time than just one year."
All indications that I've heard points towards these absolutely being Mark Richt's calls. Not something he was forced to make. That's the most encouraging aspect of this entire thing.

Admit wondered if he had it in him to make the tough call. I did. I've been worried about that for weeks. In Knoxville as we watched a completely inept Vol offense obliterate our defense, I said to a friend, "Either Mark Richt fires most of this defensive staff, or he'll be out of here in two years. This just can't continue."

I feel awful for the guys impacted by this decision and for their families, but Georgia Football is the flagship product of an $84 million business. It's not a family run shoe store. By doing the right thing with these 3 coaches, Richt protected the other six full-time coaches on staff and many more support personnel.

Months ago, I listed the Top 3 problems with the program.
    1. Lack of a sense of urgency - I was concerned about the overall complacency that had slipped into the program. This sort of shake-up and the injection of new ideas and personalities into the program can help that.

    2. Lack of a transparent meritocracy - These moves are only step 1 in a two step process. He still has to make great hires, but this was directionally right.

    2. Lack of an attack mentality on every down - We won't know if this has been fixed until Week 2 next year in Columbia. We may have an idea on things if we're familiar with the new hires, but we won't know for sure until we get to Cola.
We have the financial resources to put in place to have a meaningful conversation with a variety of elite candidates for all three positions. We just have to close the right guys.

As for the departed...
Don't be shocked to see Coach Jancek at Notre Dame working with linebackers next year if Coach Brian Kelly moves up there. Jancek worked with Kelly a combined 7 or 8 years at Grand Valley State and Central Michigan, and Kelly promoted him to Defensive Coordinator twice.

Martinez was an exceptional defensive backs coach for much of his time in Athens. The last two years were a complete train wreck, but the first 6 were so strong that he'll get another offer as a position coach very quickly. It wouldn't shock me to see him in Miami or at Michigan State should a position open up. I'm pretty sure that Mark Dantonio at MSU is a big fan of Willie's work.

Lastly, Fabris is very well networked from his travels. As a DE coach, he's pretty damn solid when he has something healthy to work with. It was his maddening strategic decisions on special teams that were his undoing...not his DE work. He'll land elsewhere and thrive.

Best of luck to them, and best of luck to Coach Richt in his search.

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Unknown said...

any rumors on replacements?

Good luck to the guys who lost their jobs today. I really wish them the best. They lead us to a number 2 ranking and were Georgia Bulldogs regardless.

Go Dawgs!

Largemouth Dawg said...

Bring on the Bumpstache...

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