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December 6, 2009

See You In Shreveport, Farmers

It's official.  The Dawgs are heading to the Independence Bowl to face the Fightin' Texas Aggies.  I know everyone is disappointed with the bowl selection, but I'm somewhat excited about the match up.  A&M has had their struggles this year, but they looked like they had a potent offense against Texas Thanksgiving night.  Jarrod Johnson is a big, mobile QB with a strong arm who should present our defense staff a big slew of pains.  Oh wait, we don't have a defensive staff.
If you've never been to an A&M game, they are, um, unique.  We'll attempt an explanation of Texas A&M in the coming days.  That'll take a while.  If you've never been to Shreveport, we'll have some tips on places to go as well. 


Anonymous said...

Its a crap bowl. In 94' and 95' when we weren't playing our best football, the I Bowl was the ONE Bowl we would stay home rather than go. I hear the argument about win against UK, BUT we were one of six teams with a 7-5 record and the only other team to beat a top 10 team who also is (although crappy) a conf. champ. I would rather us decline and get ready for next year. No I won't be watching.

Anonymous said...

Yea because the bowl won't help us "get ready for next year".

Largemouth Dawg said...

Don't care how crappy it is. You always watch. I'll be there, making the best of it. My best friend Jack D. usually helps me smile

all school said...

Look, two years ago, Nick Saban and Alabama were losing to the likes of Lousiana Monroe. They went to the Independance Bowl. They got better. They did pretty well last year and this year, in case you havent heard.

Is getting sent to the I Bowl anything to be happy about? Hell no. Is it a guarantee UGA will be a contender next year. No, but it isnt a sentence to a generation of third rate bowl game, either. It is what we make of it: A chance to sulk, or a chance to work at improving.

Be glad it isnt the Blue Turf Bowl, or the Carjack Bowl, or the Emerald Nut Bowl. This season hasnt been a gem, but sulking isnt going to make next season any better. Man up and let's get after the Aggies. The only thing worse than the way this season has gone is no football at all, which is exactly what we'd have if we figuratively assumed the fetal position and started weeping until next fall.

Unknown said...

Went to Baylor for undergrad, here at UGA for Law School. A&M is definitely a little more than interesting. I have never seen a more delusional fan base than the Aggies.

As far as football goes, they are about as bipolar as it gets. Their running game has been great recently, but outside of Texas and Nebraska the big 12 doesn't have much as far as defense goes.

Here's to hoping the Dawgs can do what My bears couldn't

Unknown said...

Oh, and their fan forum is if you want to witness some of the delusion for yourself

jt said...

Anon 6:25--

You are what's wrong with our fanbase. Completely and utterly wrong.

Please stop being a fan, and I use that term loosely with your inane drivel posted above.

Please join a more suitable fanbase like South Carolina.

Anonymous said...

For the one millionth time:

Turning down a bowl = Turning down extra weeks of practice. It's a stupid idea.

Anonymous said...

+1 Annon 7:23.

Plus, only Notre Dame is Dbaggy enough to pull it off. We have an obligation, no a responsibility, to support the players and root our asses off for the Dawgs.

Anything less and you deserve to be a fan of a lesser team.

That is all.

NRBQ said...

Here, here.

Sure, lots of us are disappointed. Frustrated. Pissed.

But I could no more NOT watch the game than not look at every picture of Elin Woods splashed before my eyes lately.

Take your fandom, 6:25, and find that perfect team you require.

This week, that would be the pachyderms.

Unknown said...

I remember a pregame show a few years back when Larry was asked if he could schedule an out of conference opponent for the Dawgs, who would it be? He picked A&M. Not a fan of the bowl, but I like the matchup. It's someone from outside the region that we typically wouldn't see. Unless your playing for a National Championship, this bowl is about as meaningful as any of the others.

Anonymous said...

It's two weeks to get Aaron Murray reps with AJ Green, Orson Charles and Tavarres King.

It's two weeks to get Washaun Ealey more practice pass blocking.

It's a chance for these guys to see how pitiful it is to get a Schwinn bike at their bowl when everyone else it getting a fancy, new scooter (complete with license).

Is it ideal? Of course not. Can we use it as a great opportunity to lay the foundation for the next phase of the Mark Richt era? Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

The Aggies are different but no more dilusional than any other fan base. And they have some of the great traditions in CFB.

I agree this game, while not what any of us wanted is hardly a death sentence.

Try 99 when Ole Miss beat Oklahoma. Guess who won the BCS the next year.

Or maybe 02 when Ole Miss beat Nebraska. The next year the Rebs had their best season in 25 years.

Look what Bama did in 07 beating Colorado. Try consecutive unbeaten regular seasons.

Anonymous said...

I said it SUCKS to be a georgia bulldawg

That's right it SUCKS to be a georgia bulldawg

Can't wait for baseball season because we are going to lose a LOT of basketball games

Anonymous said...

lol @ uga fans trying to justify winding up in a crap bowl

not even willie martinez wants to follow your shitty team to the toilet bowl (where it belongs)

Anonymous said...

wow. I really dont think that even deserves a response.

Dubbayoo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dubbayoo said...

I have a couple of A&M football t-shirts because an ex is an alum. They kiss their dates every time they score, so let's there's no kissing come game time.

I'm surprised all 3 coaches declined to do the bowl game?

The Watch Dawg said...

Why is anybody making a deal out of the coaches not staying for the bowl game? They just got fired, for gods sake. Offering to let them coach the bowl game was a courtesy, that none of them were likely to opt to do anyway.

Anonymous said...


If they hadn't been there for the UF game, what would've been different?

Richt knew what would happen. He fired them. It is what it is. We run what we run.

NRBQ said...

I know, it's recruiting. But....

UGA got the Ogletree twins this week on defense.

And I urge UGA fans to view the photos and videos of Da'Rick Rogers. A man among children.

Put him with Green, King, Charles, etc, etc, match them with a guy with the sweetest, swiftest throwing motion in the history of UGA, and the future is bright, '09 bowl game notwithstanding.

'Sall good.

Fuelk2 said...

If we can pull this off it'll lead to years of good bragging for dawgs in Texas. Like the 10 to 9 comment that still comes up almost 30 years later. Do it for the texdawgs.

And good lord, the aggies are some weird fans. I can't wait for that post. Is there anything gayer than yell leaders?

JaxDawg said...

Last time we played A&M, if I'm correct was way back in '80. Herschel ran for his first long one, 'bout 75 yards, and showed the world just how fast he was. I can still recall the A&M cheerleaders or whatever the hell they were standing on the sideline with those quasi-military uniforms watching 34 blaze by them. They might as well had been looking at a Don Garlits funny car.

The Aggies had some good teams with ole Jackie Sherrell back in the 80's and with RC Slocum a few years back but mostly they field a mediocre squad. They had that bonfire tragedy a few years back which some of you may recall.

I think we beat the living shit outta them but what they hell do I know. Thank God we're not playing Purdue or Wisconsin again.

Alas - F you guys that can't see the forest for the trees. We're on the way up just as Florida begins its inevitable trend down.

Will Q said...

Anon @ 7:47,

LOL at fans from other teams whose vaginas get all tingly when they post on rival's messageboards.

The Watch Dawg said...

It could be a lot worse. Yeah, it sucks that its the independence bowl, but there are far worse opponents than Texas A&M. Hell, Auburn got the Outback Bowl, and still got a crappy opponent in Northwestern. So while we may be playing in the 2nd lowest SEC bowl, we aren't playing the worst opponent. I'll take it, and I'll support the team in it.

VAdawg said...

Not an ideal bowl, but definitely an intriguing match up. Also, the extra weeks of practice are HUGE for the younger guys. And with as many young guys as we have on the team, any extra reps will help.

However, I'm EXTREMELY worried about preparing for the A&M offense, seeing as we have one defensive coach left. When do y'all think we'll know about replacements? I assume some time in January?

Russ Fortson said...

Since I live out here in Texas, I'd love to see us beat the Aggies. I'm thinking of driving up for the game. Seems to be plenty of good seats available.

Question - if you're not within driving distance, how do you get there? Where's the nearest airport?

blackertai said...

Look at it this way, it's a chance to get our record better against a team we don't often play. Any time we can get a win out of conference, the better.

Loyal Dawg Fan said...

I will always be there to support Georgia. Go Dawgs! GATA

kupets said...

I'm a actually rather excited about this game. I'm thinking about going.

Anonymous said...

i'm excited. i HATE HATE HATE the aggies. grew up an oklahoma fan.

you think florida or tennessee fans are annoying? just wait.

college station is a cult. this could end up being a very fun event if enough dawgs show up in shreveport, i know the aggies will be there

Anonymous said...

Notice even the fans have forgotten marlon brown ? Rogers will be an interesting addition,he is the calhoun offense.

Scott said...

"Oh wait, we don't have a defensive staff."

You mean we've had a defensive staff this year???

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