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February 10, 2010

The Wow Dawg hits the Road

Tonight, Georgia faces Auburn on the road at 9:00 pm on CSS. It will be the last time the Dawgs play at Auburn's old gym. As I said earlier in the week, it's one of our two best shots at a road win on the season. The other being the finale against an LSU team that's inexplicably bad and winless in the SEC.

If Georgia wants to participate in any sort of post-season tourney, this is a must win. We have to get 16 wins to make the NIT, CBI, CIT or any other tourney. Fletcher Page of the Macon Telegraph talks about the need for a road breakthrough. I think Felton had 7 or 8 wins on an opponent's home court in 5.5 seasons. To say that we have limited success outside the State of Georgia would be a gross understatement. But this is as winnable as it gets.

Luckily, we're bringing Travis Leslie and his Cavalcade of Wow to The Plains. Check out the AJC's profile on Travis' growth and development. Also, check out the ABH's piece to get the skinny on Vincent Williams (pun very much intended).

Oh...and you ain't gonna believe today's Game Day Trick Shots from Connor Nolte and Gerald Robinson, Jr. Damn.

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Anonymous said...

Leslie is turning into quite the player! His dunks aren't quite up to "Ish" standards, but his game is much more complete.

Will said...


The Watch Dawg said...

Bloody hell, we got our arses kicked. This team has bi-polar disorder.

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