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March 27, 2010

Basketball Recruiting: Donte Williams

Per and, Donte Williams (2010 class) is on his official visit to Athens this weekend. He's a 6'9"+ long, rangy kid with a raw offensive game, and good defensive quickness/instincts. He plays at Miller Grove High School (DeKalb County) with 2011 Top 150 recruit Henry Brooks and 2012 alpha male recruit Tony Parker.

His other offers include Auburn and several mid-major programs. Georgia is out in front on Williams per the sites above. Here's why we should sign him:
    1. We're down to 8 scholarship players right now. Nine including signee Cady Lalanne (PF).

    2. We have the scholarship flexibility to take a project. We have 8 open scholarships (including Lalanne) to give over the next two seasons and possibly nine if Travis leaves. We have never in our history signed 9 legit high-major recruits in a two year period. It's not like the next Michael Jordan was going to use this scholarship.

    3. Can he really be worse than Drazen? Therefore, signing him won't send us backwards.

    4. He's at an elite HS program with multiple quality teammates in one of the better basketball counties within a 200 mile radius. We need a pipeline in that area.

    5. Fox put several unknown recruits into the NBA. He's got an eye for this exact type of scenario. This isn't Dennis Felton with zero track record in this area bumbling into signing Troy Brewer...who's other offer was from a Baltimore Church League. This guy has a good track record with unknown signees.
We lose Thompkins, Barnes and Price in the next two seasons. We need some big men on campus.



Ball-U-Dawg Trianle said...

Eastern DeKalb county is a Dawg-friendly area (Tucker, Stephenson, ect.). There's no reason we shouldn't be able to do very well there.

William Neilson Jr. said...

We don't need the best of the best.

I just want to see us upgrade our current state and move from there.

I mean, with more talent, we would have won 2-3 more SEC games this year

Us going .500 in SEC play the next 2 years would be a big success

Fox has time

drew said...

LOL, I would not call Vincent Williams the start of a good track record with unknown signees.

Yes, he did well recruiting at Nevada, but Trent Johnson was the head coach when a lot of those guys came in.

Brewer at least won us the game vs Georgia Tech.

Fox does have the makings of a coach who is going to be successful, but he has to sign some better players. Polee would be a nice start.

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