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March 27, 2010

Basketball Recruiting: Sherrard Brantley

Sherrard Brantley is a 6'2" 170 lb freshman shooting guard at Northwest Florida Community College. The former Dublin, GA native is holding offers from Georgia, LSU and a variety of mid-majors. I'm pretty sure the video above is from his senior year in Dublin. According to the (Creighton site), Brantley is at LSU this weekend, UGA next weekend and Creighton the following weekend.

According to this is why UGA and LSU are interested in the kid
Brantley, who helped Dublin (Ga.) to the Class 2A state championship as a senior, enrolled at Northwest Florida last fall after failing to qualify academically. He would have three years of eligibility remaining with whatever Division I school he signs with.

Brantley, who has played in all of his team's 31 games, has shot 42.4 percent from two-point range and 78 percent from the free throw line.

But the true eye-opener with Brantley is his presence from the perimeter with his 43-percent shooting from the 3-point land with 105 makes on 246 attempts. (Emphasis added)
If Trey Thompkins comes back next season and Gerald Robinson, Jr. is the combo guard he's billed to be, Georgia will take a nice healthy step forward. The type of season where you make the NCAAs as a low at-large seed.

However, if Georgia adds a legitimate starter at the Shooting Guard or Small Forward position, it has the potential to take a huge leap forward. The candidate to give us some big time minutes at Small Forward is Dwayne Polee out of Los Angeles. If Travis Leslie improves his handle, he could move to the two guard spot with Gerald Robinson taking over at point guard.

But even in that scenario, Georgia still will need a bomber to replace Ricky McPhee and bust open the suffocating zones that Trey Thompkins will face every week. A kid that can hit 40% from three point land at the two guard spot is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Sign them both, and you've really got something potentially. That would give us a primary rotation of:
    PG - Robinson / Ware
    SG - Brantley / Robinson / Leslie
    SF - Leslie / Polee / Ebuka
    PF - Thompkins / Barnes / Lalanne
    C - Price / Thompkins / Barnes
By the way, Mark Fox has an exceptional story to tell JUCO recruits. Fox played JUCO ball, and graduated from Garden City Community College before getting his bachelor's degree. Assistant Coach Kwanza Johnson also graduated from junior college before playing for Tulsa and going on to get a Law Degree. They respect the JUCO game, and their story resonates with JUCO players.

It's also tougher for the admissions committee to give Fox a tough time about JUCOs when Georgia is paying a JUCO grad over a $1 million to teach on campus.

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Ball-U-Dawg Triangle said...

Great write-up. Brantley is the sort of player Fox should be able to convince to go to Georgia-even at this early stage of Fox's tenure. Surely a kid from Dublin (and his family) would rather play in Athens than in Baton Rouge or Omaha.

Dubbayoo said...

I thought non qualifiers had to graduate JUCO to go D1?

VAdawg said...

Who is the JUCO grad who gets paid $1 mil to teach?

Unknown said...


Fox is the Juco grad. He has an associates degree and a bachelor's and makes $1 mil plus

Unknown said...


Fox is the Juco grad. He has an associates degree and a bachelor's and makes $1 mil plus

Sports Dawg said...

Fox is the real deal. He will get the job done in Athens, though not overnite. If Thompkins & Leslie stay, the program has instant credibility next year. If he can sign the kids PW has on his depth chart/rotation,the program is off the ground running. With those kids and a couple of solid seasons, you start having kids who want to come to UGA. But for now, recruiting talent & quality kids is objective number 1.

VAdawg said...

Ahh. I figured you were talking about Fox, but I thought his contract in the $800,000 per season neighborhood.

Unknown said...


Mark Fox makes $1.3 million per year, and he has a $2 million buyout. The only coaches in the SEC making less than $1 million are Andy Kennedy and Pelphrey.


Anonymous said...

Don't leave Vince Williams #11 out of the PG mix. He really improved his game last year under CMF.

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